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Argumentative Essay:
Should Abortion Be Illegal?
The legalization of abortion has been an issue that has been argued both publically and privately for several decades. In all social circles this subject is very sensitive because of the moral and emotional factors involved. For the religious community, it’s a matter of morality and biblical law. For the lay person or non-religious community it’s a matter of choice. In the political arena it’s a matter of economics. The one factor that stands out the most about this issue is that it is of a personal nature. The question at hand is should we legalize abortion, and should women on government assistance be able to receive an abortion as the expense of tax payers?
In order to respond to this question responsibly let’s take a look back history to get a better understanding of abortion. Abortion actually dates back to Biblical times when women consumed an herbal concoction that would induce a spontaneous expulsion of a fetus. Though this practice often resulted in not ending the pregnancy or in the death of the mother and the fetus it was documented (Fox, 2012). Throughout history there have been documented incidents of abortion. In fact, in early American history, abortion was illegal and the death of the fetus was considered to be murder. Since the great legal battle of Roe verses Wade (Profile, 1973), advocates of women’s rights have continued to fight for a woman’s right to choose. This brings
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