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Nurse Educator

Nurse Educator Vol. 34, No. 5, pp. 209-213 Copyright ! 2009 Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Wikis and Blogs
Tools for Online Interaction
Jane S. Grassley, PhD, RN Robin Bartoletti, MS
Online education requires nursing faculty to learn teaching strategies that encourage students’ interaction with the course content, their peers, the faculty, and the technology. The Web 2.0 technologies of wikis and blogs can help faculty direct online learning activities that encourage peer support, collaboration, and dialogue. The authors discuss these tools and how they were used to engage students in a nursing research course.

ince the mid-1990s, increasing numbers of people have come to rely on the Internet as a convenient source of information and education. In nursing, the growing need for convenient and nontraditional learning strategies fostered a proliferation of Web-based nursing education programs. Since teaching online requires faculty to use strategies that differ from those used in face-to-face classrooms, nurse researchers have investigated characteristics of online education environments that facilitate students’ engagement with learning.1-3 Thurmond concluded,3(p237) ‘‘Good teaching practices are deeply rooted in the concept of interaction.’’ MancusoMurphy4(p257) identified interaction among faculty and students as ‘‘the core element of an effective online environment.’’ Researchers determined that peer support, collaboration, and communicative dialogue were the characteristics of online learning environments that encouraged interaction.1-3 These can be facilitated through the 4 types of online interaction identified by Thurmond,3 which include the learners’ engagement with course content, faculty, one another as students, and the technological medium. The Web 2.0 technologies of wikis and blogs can help faculty in…...

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