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Competencies and Career Interests Profile
JULY 1, 2013
Patrick Thorton
Competencies and Career Interest Profiler The results from the Career interest profiler said a lot about me that I did not realize. Often times I think about my strengths and weakness. Understanding our competencies will help you to go in the right direction of your career. When understanding your competencies you can identify your strengths and weaknesses. The results from the competencies and career profiler were almost correct on where I am at in my career. While some of the competencies have told me that I did not know of myself. Lawyer, Judge was at the top of the list. This information was interesting as I have never thought about a career in legal, but I have thought about investigative work earlier in my career, but did not pursed it. The results of the competencies activity gave me a score 3 out of 5 in each categories of Adhering to Values, Cooperating, following instructions, strategizing, coping with pressure and Goal focus. Which I am not sure why I scored 3 out of 5 for following instruction, adhering to values and cooperating. Those three categories I hold to great standard, but I will take that score because maybe I did not understand something. Understanding your competencies can help in becoming an effective communicator with group/ team members. After getting the results it helps me to see clearly on what I need to improve in to have a successful career. This can help me to plan more effectively topics I should research and gain more experience in. In my current position I think I can benefit by voicing my opinion on certain projects that may come up and asking more questions about what type of solution they are looking for. I think I need to show that I am concerned about what is going on in the group and speak up more when I think

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