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Human Resource Department


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This week I have learned the Human Resources Department is a very vital part of any company. The Human Resources Representatives act as the face of HR for the company. They are responsible for ensuring all policies and procedures are up to date and legally compliant. They responsible for providing data such as staff turnover, references, cost per hire, training and hours per person. They have to be update to date on all of the Federal and State employment laws. Provide day to day advise to all managers on all human resource issues. They must be able to deal with any performance issues in a legally and compliant and professional way. They must maintain a successful plan for all departments. They must review all staff salaries and make sure the company is compliant with the equal pay laws. This department is responsible for ensuring the business succeeds and the employees are paid competitive benefits and salaries. They must provide training needs analysis and design and implement the training plan to the entire company. Employment laws apply differently depending on the size and employees of a company. Every state has their own right to work laws. These laws will have to be researched by the Human Resource Representatives in each state they are dealing with. The Human Resource Representative is responsible for background checks, interviewing, and making sure the most qualified person is hired for the job. The information I have learned will help me understand my role and expectations in a HR department. I will be able to review Policies and Procedures and provide input when they are being implemented. I will be able to provide direction to the managers and employees when needed. I will make myself available to all employees when they need guidance and direction. I will keep my HR skills up to date with continued education and updates on the

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...Human Resource Department Role in HealthCare Alysha M. Rivera HCS/341 August 20, 2012 Teletha Leonard Let’s start by explaining what the human resource department/management role is any organization. The human resource department employees, handles organizational developments, motivates employees, trains existing and new hires, performance management, communication, benefits, wellness and safety. When it comes to the human resource department in the healthcare industry they handle some of the same things. The differences is that the human resource when it comes to healthcare is more complex in health care the HR department role is physician and nurse recruitment, personnel management, training and performance monitoring, counseling, state and federal regulation education, workplace safety and sanitation, claim handling and labor mediation. Human resource management role in the healthcare industry is to improve quality and satisfaction of the patients in their organization those are their primary goal. Also when working for a human resource department in the healthcare industry HR has to deal with many different departments and helping each reach their goals. In recruiting and selecting an individual for a position in the healthcare industry the human resource management team must select carefully. HR has to make sure to hire the most qualified individual for the position because to hire a person that is under qualified can lead to a big liability issue for the...

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...Introduction 3. Presentation of the company 4. Presentation of The Human Resources Department 5. Recruitment and selection processes 6. Learning and development 7. Improving HR in Focus Group: 10 key elements 8. Conclusions 9. References 1. Abstract Human Resource Management is the organizational function that deals with issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration, and training ( 2. Introduction In our project we choose to study the human resources department in the company Focus Consult Group from Bucharest. We had as a main advantage the fact that one of us did an internship at this company last year and had the opportunity of observing how the HR department actually works within this firm. Moreover, another important reason was the fact that one of us assisted to a job interview. In this way it was easier for us to gather information about the recruitment and selection processes. The goal of this project is to find “What Is the Human Resource Department?” and how it actually performs its tasks. In order to answer this question we decided to study 3 main aspects regarding the HR department in the company: the recruitment and selection processes, the learning and development...

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