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Competition in Healthcare


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Accreditation, quality of healthcare, and organizational compliance

Darnell James

HCA 410

Professor Storlie September 13, 2010

Accreditation, Quality of Healthcare, and Organizational compliance During his campaign, President Obama argued for health care reform by saying that health care is a right. In the outcome of healthcare reform, Americans ask the question; how can we pay for healthcare reform? This is a continuous debate on the Senate floor, and American politicians have many differences and if not solved it will continue to hinder the progress of healthcare reform. Both republicans and democrats are at debate over quality of healthcare. Many think American government is trying to take over. Health care is an incredibly intense industry. Every patient contact, care experience, and outcome must be documented in an accurate way. Accrediting bodies such as Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations review documentation to assess compliance with standards of care for a quality assurance. If a hospital is not accredited by Joint Commission Accreditation Healthcare organization it cannot receive healthcare which means healthcare record keeping is crucial. Patient record keeping is complex and complicated. Methods of organizing patient information require teamwork and the ability to track patient encounters from the time the patient is admitted until the patient is discharged. Healthcare quality may be defined in many diverse ways with differing implications for healthcare providers, providers, patients, third party payers policy makers, and other stakeholders. First high quality health services should accomplish desired health outcomes for individuals, matching their preferences for variety. Second they should accomplish desired

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