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Structure and Control system

Compsis was the system integrators that repute in toll road industry and electronic toll collection (ETC). The business had developed from aircraft embedded system to automotive products and expand to Intelligence Transportation System (ITS). SICAT, which was mature product, used this to institute and promote the company in other countries. Compsis had expanded projects which was the first international projects in Australia. Because the differences of geography, culture and work environment, Compsis has cooperated with partnership which is “Philips” who was an American technology firm. Compsis took care of software where as Phillip took care of hardwares, local advertisement. In addition, Phillip had showed potential that they have good operating and fast learning with SICAT system even if Phililp was acquired by Tyco at the end, but this reflected that the strong partnerships helped to successfully extended to international business. This approach was showing that Compsis decentralized control system; for instance, Compsis had sent an employee to Australia for skills transfer to support maintenance. On the other hand, since 2004, Compsis had never have offices such as sales office outside San Jose Dose Campos, Brazil, and it was in the same building which included management, development, and finance office. It can be told that Compsis also was centralized control, it also seemed that all directions were come from Executive management. After they went to visited key major countries, they had provided advising that was good due to team can make strategies and plan for upcoming product. But there was little mistake that happened when Compsis accessed to India because it had no functional that helped to asses the market, including human resources; consequently, Compsis had to encounter budget overrunning due to Indian contractor was able to handle the job that resulted in re-installation for four times. Another negative aspect of functional structure can be observed at sale team who were mere engineering background. Obviously, it is crucial that sale team must have technical skills, but without people who had commercial would end up with unsuccessful. Yes, it was risky if Compsis lacked of knowledge of resources and business strategies. Due to organization's structure would impact the objectives and strategies of company. If Compsis had to change strategy which is significantly changes, functional need to promptly support and adapt it. For new market, Compsis desired to enter U.S. market which was the largest of ETC and had lots of toll roads builder about 64 agencies. Due to most of high managements had never been to visited U.S., it could be an issue for decision-making for some reasons. To get ready, the road to U.S. could be vivid by these several options: establishing the sale office in U.S, partnering with experienced transportation industry, seeking a vendor who good with construction company or looking for partnerships with a value-added reseller (VAR).

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