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Bangladesh is a country bestowed with the gifts of nature. It has nurtured some of the most ancient civilizations of this continent. The young country came into existence after a blood-spattered liberation war in 1971. But the pace of growth and development has been impeded by many factors. Bangladesh, as a Least Developing Country (LDC), faces a reputation challenge which is popularly known as its image problem. Bangladesh has gained the image of a country with too many people, too much poverty, too little resources, too frequent disasters and too little ability to change for better. Recently poor law and order, bad investment climate and Islamic terrorism have killed its image more. To remove all the negative aspects and image surrounding Bangladesh and to make it as a beautiful and prospective country it is highly recommended to branding Bangladesh. To remove all the negative aspect and image surrounding Bangladesh and to make Bangladesh as a beautiful and prospective country it highly recommended to rebranding Bangladesh.

Nation Branding:
The concept of nation branding was elaborated by Simon Anholt in 1998 through his article “Nation Brands of the 21st Century” in the Journal of Brand Management where he pointed out that “brands create a value that is invisible”. Anholt, a market researcher from the corporate sector, reckons that brand is a “multiplier of value and as such represents a substantial advantage for its owner; it is as good as money in the bank.” It is said that a country cannot be sold like a toothpaste. Thus, nation

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