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Configuring a Wrt54G for Secure Use

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Configuring the Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router for Home Office Use

Table of Contents Purpose 3 Network Address Translation (NAT) 4 Description 4 Instructions 4 Packet Filtering 6 Description 6 Instructions 6 Default Gateway 8 Description 8 Instructions 8 References 9


The purpose of this document is to instruct you in setting up the Linksys WRT54G for use on a home network.
Using this document you should be able to configure (or walk a customer through configuring) the following on their home router: 1) Network Address Translation (NAT) 2) Packet Filtering 3) Default Gateway Functionality

Network Address Translation (NAT)


Network Address Translation (or NAT) is a function built in to the router/firewall device that allows multiple systems or devices to use one public IP address. The “translation” happens at the router where outbound traffic from internal (LAN) IP addresses is sent out as if it originated from the public (WAN) IP address that was assigned by the Internet Service Provider. This capability is enabled by default on your router. The following instructions will help you ensure everything is configured correctly for NAT to function.


Log In

1) Using a web browser, visit the router configuration web page for your device. The default for this particular router would be
2) Log in to the router configuration page using your user name and password. If these are not known, you may have to reset the router to factory defaults (The procedure is in the router manual and is not part of this document).

Configure Public (WAN) IP Address

1) From the main setup page, check the entry for Internet Connection Type to be sure it is set properly. It will most likely be one of the following: A) DHCP- Most likely, this would be “Automatic Configuration –

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