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Conflict Situations


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Arguments and conflicts are rarely pleasant. When they take place at work, they disrupt efficiency and poison interpersonal relationships. At home, they add stress and tension to everyday life, and can lead to further dysfunction if they aren't settled amiably. Resolving conflicts agreeably is an invaluable life skill, and can reap immeasurable benefits both in family life and in a professional environment. The key is to approach the conflict with basic psychology and a RESPECT for both sides.

Dispute Resolution
1. CALMNESS The first step to resolving conflict is to stay calm and approach the subject rationally. Undue emotion obscures the issue and exacerbates argumentative tendencies. Stay calm, speak objectively and apply rationality to the situation. Identify the SOURCE of the conflict rather than responding to the surrounding anger. Once the issue is clarified and the terms are known, it becomes easier to resolve it. 2. RESPECT Going hand in hand with calmness is a willingness to acknowledge and respect the other person's point of view. This is not the same thing as simply surrendering to him or her, or allowing your own arguments to be shunted aside. Rather, it means verbally recognizing where the other person is coming from and accepting his or her emotional state. Allow him or her a certain amount of venting, if necessary (so long as it remains "blowing off steam" and not deliberate hurtfulness), then express your point of view at an appropriate point. Keep in mind that respect needs to be a twoway street: you can and should acknowledge the other person's opinion, but eventually he or she needs to start reciprocating. If he or she doesn't, the debate is no longer proceeding in a fruitful manner. 3. COMPROMISE Many people approach arguments as a win-or-lose proposition, seeking to debate, wheedle or bully the other

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