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Financial Management 1

1. Financial Ratios Financial ratios usually known as a form of financial statement is indicator used by business firms in order to analyze the company information in term of financial performance. Besides, financial ratios used by accountants, bankers, shareholders and creditor to estimate and evaluate their presented data on an entity in financial statements. Financial ratio is usually use in an organizations that allow them to distinguish their performance, where the organization drive well in making profit or loses. Moreover, financial ratio help organizations to identify their financial performance where they can know the differences among previous and current year of their financial performance in order to make comparison between both years. In addition, it also allows organizations to calculate their financial ratios with other competitors in term of company financial performances in order to make an improvement in the company as well as generate more profit.

The importance of financial ratios for a corporation Generally, financial ratios is the process of evaluating the financial statements of a corporation by calculating some important entity of financial ratios. These ratios provided further information about the profitability, leverage, liquidity and also effectiveness of managerial. Thus, it allows organizations to investigatestrength and weaknesses inside their organizations. Thus, financial ratio indicate investors and stockholders to estimate organization performance in order for a manager to make better decision makingin term of financial performance. So can be stress here that financial ratios is essential for organization to know whether a company has perform excellent or poor in term of profitability.

c. Liquidity Ratio In 2014 and 2013, YTL Corporation performance point out that, if their corporation

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