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Conspicuous Consumption

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UN Simulation Information
History: (Retrieved from ‘’ The World Since 1945’’ Second Edition by Daniel R. Brower. New Jersey, 2005)

* By 1960’s military dictatorship had taken power in most middle Eastern countries they justified their rule by promoting social reform and often by claiming to be defenders of the Muslim faith

Jewish Problem: * Jewish settlers living among Arab-speaking peoples in Palestine achieved the Zionist dream of a Jewish nation-state shortly after ww2 * the inflexible opposition of Arab states to the very existence of Israel led to four separate wars between Israel and its Arab neighbors

* Pan- Arab Nationalism To unite Arab peoples under one nation * Zionism- Jewish movement

* Later, Palestinians entered into the struggle against the Jewish state in an effort to forge their own nation-state nationalism was at the heart of the Middle East turmoil in the last half of the century

Oil Conflict/issue * Oil fields concentrated in the area around the Persian Golf contained greater petroleum reserves of higher quality than anywhere else in the world

* The dependence of industrial countries on this vital resoourse brought the preasures of the cold war to bear on the oil-rich countries


* Governments of land with large oil reserves nationalized their petroleum industry to get direct access to a share of the profits created an international cartel to set levels of production and prices for this increasingly valuable commodity

Israel and the Middle East * Jeruselum was the most holy place in the world and the birthplace of Judaism, Christianity, and Muslim religion * It remained a center of pilgrimage and worship for the faithful of all three religions in the 20th century * However it is within the occupied...

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