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Constitution Table

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Influences on the Constitution Table

Write one or two paragraphs in each section. Include citations for your sources.

|Documents |Summary |What was its influence on the Constitution? |
|Magna Carta |The Magna Carta was a set of laws generated by the barons of |When the thirteen US colonies became independent from Great Britain in 1776, it |
| |England and the Archbishop Steven Langton of the Catholic |needed to set a central government to pass laws and enforce the laws. During this |
| |Church to limit the powers that King John possessed during the |time many British settlers followed the great Britain law that was put in place by |
| |12 century and of any king thereafter. The Magna Carta came |the Magna Carta. In 1789 the United States Constitution was ratified and many of the|
| |into law on June 15, 1215 and marked the beginning to a |Magna Carta laws were introduced to the foundation of what is the United States |
| |constitutional England where the laws were promised to be good |Constitution. Such laws as that of no man should be punished without a fair trial by|
| |and fair to its people. There were several clauses to the Magna|its peers. Furthermore no government should have complete power over its people. |
| |Carta; most of them concerned England legal system. Thus it |According to “Wise Greek” (2012). “The Magna

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Influences on the Constitution Table

...University of Phoenix Material Influences on the Constitution Table Write one or two paragraphs in each section. Include citations for your sources. Documents | Summary | What was its influence on the Constitution? | Magna Carta | Charter drawn up in the attempts to stave off civil war against King John in 1215. The Magna Carta gave Englishmen certain human rights, freedom of religion, reform of justice system and regulated officials. The Magna Carta limited the king’s power and created what we know today as parliament. | Freedom of Religion, a maintained justice system allowing men a fair trial, freedom from oppression and unlawful persecution, that not one man should lead a nation solely, but a group of officials, and checks and balances. | Mayflower Compact | Men aboard the Mayflower bound for Northern Virginia in 1620 decided to land in what we know as Massachusetts. They signed the Mayflower Compact to enable that crew of men the right to self govern and have equal rights. | First constitution signed in The New World, organizing a local government of an elected governor and officials to regulate laws, and taxes. Basis for self government. | Articles of Confederation | With growing popularity in the ideas of independence from England, the colonies needed a way to unite them but not take away individual state/colony rights. Written in 1777 but not approved by all states until 1781. | Gave the idea of a central government while keeping most power within each...

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Influences on the Constitution Table

...University of Phoenix Material Influences on the Constitution Table Write one or two paragraphs in each section. Include citations for your sources. |Documents |Summary |What was its influence on the Constitution? | |Magna Carta |The Magna Carta is the first document to challenge the king, |One of the most important influences was the habeas corpus: due process of law. This| | |protecting the people from feudal abuse (Whipps, 2012). It |was written in the middle of the Magna Carta, which came over to the “new world” | | |helped influence some key ideas into the U.S. Constitution. |with the pilgrims (Whipps, 2012). | |Mayflower Compact |This article was drawn up on the mayflower because of the |This was in a way the first constitution since there was not a government set up yet| | |mutinous speeches that had come about because of where they |when the pilgrims arrived. It attempted to establish temporary government in the new| | |were going to settle. In a way this was the first constitution,|world (history). ...

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...Phoenix Material Influences on the Constitution Table Write one or two paragraphs in each section. Include citations for your sources. Documents | Summary | What was its influence on the Constitution? | Magna Carta | Issued by King John of England in 1215 when Englishmen went to the colonies they were given charters that guaranteed them and their heirs would “have and enjoy all liberties and immunities of free and natural subjects.” The document clearly stated that no free man could be prosecuted by any means other than the law of the land. ReferenceAll About History (unkn) The Magna Carta. Retrieved from on June 6, 2011. | This was used as a template 575 years later in the Bill of Rights toward the fifth amendment. The fifth amendment guarantees “No person shall… be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” | Mayflower Compact | Drawn up by the 41 adult males from the Mayflower, the new settlers from Plymouth created a contract with fair and equal laws, for the “general good”. The Mayflower settlers knew from previous attempts without some type of government they would fail. It allowed them to practice Protestant instead of the Church of England and other liberties without command. ReferenceFeatured Documents (unkn) The Mayflower Compact. Retrieved from on June 6, 2011. | The Constitution was created on the same bases as...

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