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Cooley, Banks And Hirsh: Article Summary

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In this articleSara Girgis
Week 11 Cooley, Banks and Hirsh

In this article author Cooley is stating how girls don’t like pink and boys don’t like how they can play only with truck and cars and not play with dolls and stuffed animals. The fourth grade students don’t like how people and parents only believe in stereotype for example when William wanted to play with the doll and his dad didn’t want to get it for him ,and his grandmother is the one who stood up for him and supported him. “What did William’s father expect him to be good at because he was a boy? I explained that the fact that William was expected to like sports and play with trains were examples of stereotypes” (Cooley, 2003, pg. 32) I actually believe in stereotype and how baby girls should wear pink and purple almost the first 2 years and baby boys wear blue and green. I know it’s not the right way to teach your child but that what I grow up and saw. I don’t want my children to grow up and not being straight just because he or she played with toys not related to their gender. I really like how in this …show more content…
In chapter 5 “ William Raspberry comments on test result which show that black students score 35 to 45 percent lower than white students in standardized achievement test”. I actually agree with him when he says back that “not only about achievement tests but also about reading and writing skills.” “The more you know the more you learn”. (Hirsch, E. D. 1987. Pg. 111) that is actually true not everything is about testing a lot of students are so smart and when it comes to testing they don’t do as good as others. The important thing is to understand and to know your reading and writing

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