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Cooties and Crayons

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Cooties and Crayons

Everything was fun and games when we were kids.
The biggest worry was who would share their crayons.
Going outside between naps was just for fun.
Where girls were gross and boys had cooties!
And nobody ever consumed their time in love.
Time changes fast as we grow into adults.

The swarms of kids surrounding the lunch line was always a mass of fun.
Scariest people that walked the school were the adults.
A mature, young boy sits down; a young blond girl yelps,“ew, cooties!”
The worst thing a boy could break was her crayons.
Where crushes were just crushes that didn’t turn into love.
Because, in reality, they are only kids!

This chaos continues at daycare, at home, in the presence of adults.
Tiny little buggers run off to play, complaining and giggling about the nasty cooties.
Inside the daycare, the walls are collaged with crayons.
Oh, these walking little beasts have so much fun.
The excuses never change; they are only kids!
When the parents arrive the little monsters are showered with love.

As we grow up, it’s STDs; not cooties.
All because we think we’re in love.
Doctors sit down with guardians and try to explain; “they’re still just kids.”
All the parents think they are in charge they’re the adults.
Teen boys and girls tease each other, harass and bully, all in good fun.
Multi-colored kaleidoscopes turn black and blue and grey; pens and pencils replace crayons.

When it’s stressful, we regress and pull out the crayons.
Sneaking out at 11 p.m. is met with parental objections, we shout, “I’m not a kid!”
Weekly facebook statuses regularly announces new love.
Arguments are regularly fought with parents; adult to adult!
Girls smell wonderful and the boys have shed their cooties.
Growing up ultimately can be fun.

By leaving home, college, marriage, we experience true love.
Our first apartment, car, job is...

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