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In this paper it will be discussed about the history of jail’s and their place in correction and it’s role throughout history. It will be discussed from the time of King Henry in 1166 to 1995 speaking of the Just Dessert. It will also be discussed the comparison and similarities of the security levels in jails, state prisons and federal prisons, what makes them different or alike. Lastly, it will be discussed about the political policies in place to why there is growth in our criminal justice system.
The first jail was created by King Henry the II in 1166 that was created by King Henry specifically for holding offenders for trial, however it became where it was being used hold individuals that were either poor or mentally Ill. John Howard found the jails to be a disgrace and found that the living conditions were inhumane to the criminals because of its filth. This is when John Howard and the English House of Commons created the Act of 1779 which was four requirements needed to be met and they are, (1) secure and sanitary structures, (2) systematic inspections, (3) abolition of fees charged to inmates, and (4) a reformatory regime in which inmates were confined in solitary cells but worked in common rooms during the day.” (Corrections an introduction) The U.S. soon began to follow the Act of 1779 known as the English model. In 1790 the first prison was established and it was called the Walnut Street Jail located in Philadelphia. This is where the concept of confinement and rehabilitation was created (Corrections an introduction) The Quakers who were the ones that changed the Walnut Street jail because the Quakers believe that it was inhumane of how the prisoners were being treated. The whole point of this era was to rehabilitate and try and deter by having the Separate and silent system and by making an offender pay by serving time. However, how this system

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