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Often in science fiction literature, authors take a unique approach in creating a world outside of the one that is considered “normal”. They spend a lot of time vividly describing the workings of this new world and how it looks. It’s not uncommon to see color descriptions, long comparisons, and reflections in science fiction stories. The most interesting portion of this approach is the author’s ability to capture the readers’ attention and the reader can actually visualize this unknown speculation. In The Faery Handbag by Kelly Link, the author relies on a unique combination of wit and sarcasm to keep the reader guessing about the actuality of this secret world in a grandmother’s purse while author Aimee Bender in Mazipan takes a literal style to make the reader believe this world exists. Both stories combine actual possible events with a little hint of fantasy to create great works of art. The characterization of Mazipan versus the characterization of The Faery Handbag is the most significant difference between the two stories. “Characterization is the method used by a writer to develop a character. The method includes (1) showing the character's appearance, (2) displaying the character's actions, (3) revealing the character's thoughts, (4) letting the character speak, and (5) getting the reactions of others,” according to In Bender’s story, the characters have a simplistic surface. The family seems quite normal outside of the hole in the father’s belly. The family interacts with each other and functions as a traditional family. Perhaps the most complex characters are the mother and grandmother. The story starts out as though the father will be the main character because of his imperfection, but the strained relationship between the mother and grandmother of the narrator seems to take prevalence in the story. Their relationship is quite

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...The outcome of My Foundations Lab® Path Builder was that I have mastered the Punctuation, Mechanics, and Spelling module and The Craft of Writing module. I need work on improving my sentence structures which includes run-ons, fragments and sentence skills. The skills that I have mastered and the skills I need to work on are greatly important in my academic life. I will have to apply these skills to papers that I will have to write and to the people I will have to communicate with through the forums. It is important I have these skill sets as I will have to make sure I am understood on what I am writing whether it is though discussions or responses. The skills that I have mastered and will be improving on will help me in my professional life. As of yet I have yet to determine what I will be majoring in, but I do know it will be in the healthcare field. If I was to choose to be a CNA or part of the administrative part of the field, I would have to be able to write clearly in a form that is acceptable. I was not surprised by the results. I have always struggled with sentence structures. Writing papers have always been my weak points that I have tried to improve on. The items that I mastered, I was not surprised as I have always usually been on point with punctuation, spelling and the basic mechanics of...

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