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Creation Story

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Creation story

“God created man in his own image” can be considered to be one of the fundamental statements of the Holly Scripture. At the same time, this statement can represent certain difficulties for understanding so it is important to look into its meaning and into its philosophical and religious interpretations. For centuries biblical scholars have been trying to interpret the idea of “God’s image” or “imago Dei” in the Latin version and still haven’t reached an agreement. One of the main ideas which can be obtained from this statement is that creating man God bestowed on him some of his own qualities, such as intelligence, freedom of choice, the ability to create, spirituality, morality, etc. He put man over animals and other creatures by endowing him with all these abilities and qualities. But he also made man similar to animals in his carnal desires. And it is for man to choose if he will follow the path of spiritual development and refrain from sin. If he chooses this way, gradually he will be able to achieve perfection and to unite with God. This is the main purpose of man’s life. Creating man in his own image God let man know how much he loves man and what a great importance he places in his creation. So by fulfilling his purpose in life man participates in realization of God’s plan. But if man rejects the way of God, he will no longer be the God’s image or, in other words, he will not be man. The free will and the freedom of choice are two essential concepts here because man has been given the possibility to make a conscious choice. So only by using his free will he should slowly move to the union with his creator. On the other hand, this statement can mean that by creating man in his own image, God opposed him to the rest of the living creatures, as only man has the ability for conscious interpretation of reality, for abstract and symbolic thinking as well as the need for spiritual growth. A slightly different understanding of the idea of “the God’s image” can be that since man ought to love God, he should similarly love other people as each of them represents the image of God. For me personally this statement is very important as it reminds me what a great responsibility I have as a human being, one created as an image of God. It makes me understand that my life is a gift from God and consequently I should do my best to make the most out of it. In difficult situations it helps me to make the right choice. To me it also means that God is always with me, being the image of God I also have a little part of God inside me. In my understanding this is the utmost manifestation of God’s love. In conclusion it can be said that though there are different interpretations of “imago dei”, their essence is the following. By creating man in his own image God gave man the possibility to develop spiritually and fulfill his purpose by uniting with God. This statement also teaches people to love each other as they love God. And thus it can be seen how important the understanding of this statement is for every Christian.

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