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Week 1 Assignment
Describe a situation in which critical and creative thought could have been used for a better outcome. Describe why it is important to think critically and creatively in similar situations.
* During work assignments for adjusters that work large locations with my company the assignment crew just assigns claims to people they know are going to that state. This makes no sense at all. If the assignment crew would use critical thinking they would see that there are adjusters getting claims in the same areas which are making the adjusters cross paths going from house to house. If they would assign working areas this would cut out all of the crossing paths and would cut down on drive time for the adjuster. This will also allow the adjusters more time for production. Example: Adjuster A is working out of Mobile, Alabama and Adjuster B is working out of Pensacola, Fl. This distance is approximately 60miles one way. Claims are coming in from Pensacola to Gulfport, Ms. It would be smart to split the working areas up and give Adjuster B Pensacola, Florida to an area close to Mobile, Alabama then adjuster A from Mobile to Gulfport, Ms. This would allow adjuster to keep an area and centralize there working location from there and produce less drive time and higher production.
Define free will, truth, knowledge, and opinion. Explain how we use them to form thoughts.
* Free will is defined as the will to do what you please at any time, Truth is when someone is telling a fact that has happened and can be proven. Knowledge is the research and experience you have on different subjects and opinion is something everyone has about each and everything it is your thoughts on a subject without using resources and facts. These are all used when we form thoughts our thoughts are all made up from free will, truth, knowledge…...

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