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Creativity in Print

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Advertising Assignment | creativity in print advertisements |


1. Toronto LiveGreen

Toronto LiveGreen managed to tackle littering in a unique way. Littering is something almost any town, city or state suffers from and the City of Toronto’s Livegreen Organisation decided to tackle the problem with these clever print ads – which was fine until they were accused of plagiarism and then had to pull them, after the companies involved weren’t too happy about their logos being associated with litterbugs. However, the print ad successfully managed to use various elements of other brands to spread awareness of littering. This ad also follows the 40-40-20 rule.

2. Oreo

Oreo puts out a really simple advertisement that incorporates the perceived taste of consuming an Oreo. The advertisement uses light color tones and a central positioning to highlight the role of milk in Oreo and how it is a part of the process of consuming or eating an Oreo biscuit. It manages to creatively invoke the taste of Oreo. This ad also follows the 40-40-20 rule.

3. Sebo Museu Do Livro

Movies always manage to miss the important bits out. The advertisement aims to address every avid book lover who gets a little tense when a movie adaptation is made of one of their favourite books. Characters, plots and environments are often tampered with - and this brilliant print ad from Brazilian advertising agency RockerHeads perfectly captured this sense of dread with their tagline: 'A big part of the story is lost when it becomes a movie'. This ad also follows the 40-40-20 rule.

4. Whiskas

Whiskas manages to use humor while reflecting the nutritional value of its product in this print advertisement.
Feeding your cats instincts shows how the product provides the cat with the nourishment...

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