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Cruising has recently gained significant importance as one of the fastest growing niche sectors within the tourism industry around the world. In Bangladesh we have started it with a longer vision. Modern cruises with ever-larger vessels have transformed the ship from merely transporting tourists to various destinations to become a resort in its own right (Kester, 2002; Papathanasis & Beckmann, 2011; Weaver, 2005). With the extended facilities offered, competitive pricing and aggressive marketing campaigns we think our cruise business will give its guests an elite type of vacation which they can remember for their rest of life.
HR Strategy of Cruise Business
Cruise business is simple managing a floating resort. This business is very closely related with hospitality rather than sport, recreation, entertainment, beauty, health and therapy. On the other hand if the human resource management is not proper in such case this would not bring any effective result for such kind of business.
The HR personnel of this cruise will also maintain different partnerships with different department of this cruise liner in order to serve all parties in the best interest of the business. By confronting different issues and getting feedback it will report to the manager so that the performance of the overall team can be better. HR personnel also should develop business strategies that are in alignment with the cruise’s business objectives, by focusing on all aspects of the human asset. Continuously improving the HR practices of the cruise business, by keeping a pulse of the cruise’s culture is another major role of this department.
Working on a cruise ship in different than working on a land based hotel for some reasons. It is because the social interactions of the employees are limited and their activities are managed over long period of time inside of the workplace.

The key...

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