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Customer Satisfaction Level

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Part-one • Organization profile(IBBL)
• Job description

Organization profile
Islami bank Bangladesh limited (IBBL)

After reading this chapter reader will be able to know about;
• Corporate profile of IBBL
• Mission and Vision of IBBL
• Objectives of IBBL
• Features of IBBL
• Functions of IBBL
• Management structure of IBBL
• Basic Facts
• Major differences between Conventional Bank & IBBL

Corporate profile of IBBL:
Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. (IBBL) was incorporated on March 13, 1983 under the companies Act, 1913 as the first interest free Shariah based commercial bank in South East Asia. IBBL started functioning on March 30, 1983 and formally inaugurated on August 12, 1983. The bank was promoted by 23 local sponsors including the Government of Bangladesh and 4 local institutions and 13 foreign sponsors including Islamic Development Bank (IDB). The foreign investors hold 57.37% of total shares while the local investors hold the rest 42.63%.

There is a Shariah council, which is entrusted with the responsibility for ensuring that the activities of the bank are being conducted on the precepts of Islam. IBBL is one of the leading first generation private sector banks in Bangladesh, which provides all kinds of commercial banking services to the customer. The bank went for IPO in November, 1985. The IBBL got enlisted with Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd (DSE) in 1985 and Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd. (CSE) in 1996. IBBL has been declared as one of the 20 blue chip companies by DSE and as one of the 30 best companies by CSE.

The bank has grown significantly over the last 24 years in operation. The initial paid up capital of the bank was TK. 67.50 million. IBBL has already issued rights shares on four different occasions and also issued bonus shares (Stock Dividend) on three occasions. The bank...

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