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Cutting Edge AI A. “Nadine”

* Created by Naudia Talman and her team of scientists at the Institute of Media Innovation * 2016 * Can hold conversations, recognize people she has met, and full of personality and facial expression. * Vocab and knowledge expands as she interacts with people. * Chooses what to say; making dialogue with every person different * Can argue back with a human along with an angry expression * Will be able to assist people with dementia and autism in the future * Can draw, and read stories to people who don't have a human companion The new AI Nadine can truly benefit any work place. The positive aspect about this AI is the fact that she has the ability to learn as she continues on through time. Nadine can be considered a blank page, with only the fundamentals to read people during conversation and to communicate. As Nadine developes experiences in a work place she can also sharpen her skills of the task at hand. This makes Nadine a perfect AI for any work place because she will be able to adapt and even possibly assist others. The team of Nadine’s creators believe that people with autism or dementia would benefit from being around her. People who are completely alone at an old age will have a companion to talk to.

B. “Sophia”

* Created by Hanson Robotics at SXSW Interactive located in Austin, TX. * Two sophisticated cameras in both eyes, used to interact with humans * Tracks facial expressions and eye movement of people and also recognize them * Face made of rubbery material called “Frubber” to mimic elasticity of human face * Hanson uses a combination of Alphabet's Google Chrome voice recognition technology and other software that helps Sophia process speech, hold a conversation, remember interactions and get smarter over time. They are also working with Intel and IBM to explore using some of their technology. * Has 62 different facial expressions * “Rather than be a spectacle, I would rather learn and participate” - Sophia * Based off of Audrey Hepburn and Hanson’s Wife * Could be the next step towards service robots that care for the elderly, assist people with disabilities to perform daily functions, help children with special needs to learn and even do jobs deemed too dangerous for humans.

Sophia, a humanoid AI, would benefit workplaces that involve strong communication skills. Unlike Nadine, Sophia is programed with 62 defined facial expressions. Sophia has strong expression skills to be able to hold natural conversations with humans. She is also programmed to learn how to communicate like a human, and as time goes on she will be able to discuss any topic with someone. Sophia is a closer step to fusing together AI and Humans. C. is a company that is centered around taking control of a users scheduling. For instance a user of this program would email either Amy or Andrew (depending if you want a male or female) their preferences such as “no meetings before 9AM” and Amy stores it in her memory and works with your Google calendar. When the user decides to email someone for a meeting time or something of that nature they could write “Amy” under the Cc box at the top of the email. What this does is it allows the person who receives the email to see what times or areas they can meet with the person. is a big step in the future in the professional world because it makes setting up appointments stress free without having to send emails back and forth trying to figure out when the other person is free.

D. Enlitic
Enlitic is a medical company that has created a Deep learning technology that is meant to give patients the most precise diagnostic available. Unlike other medical diagnostic programs, Enlitic takes very detailed pictures of the targeted area and contextualizes the images and compares them to past images that have been taken, clinical data, and laboratory studies to make a diagnosis. Other diagnostic programs rely on assumptions about a particular disease and gives a broad decision and can lead to incorrect diagnostics.

E. Self-driving car

One of the newest working AI that is in the media is the idea of a self-driving car. Companies such as Mercedes are in the process of creating a self-driving car concept. Previously before the idea of a self-driving car some cars already have AI technology that parks itself. More recently Volkswagen has now implemented safely stop technology which actually applies the brakes for you if you get too close to another vehicle. To go even further Google has made a working prototype self-driving car that actually has been tested with the help of volunteers. Self-driving cars are the top of the line of innovation and this opens up many doors such as taxi businesses that use self-driving cars.

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