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Today, the government has been cutting funds in community-health centers and clinics in order to save money. There is a firm belief that the money saved from cutting funds is used to strengthen the criminal system. So, instead of the government focusing helping the mentally ill, they are intent in strengthening the criminal system. The consequences to cutting funds in community health centers and clinics are that the mentally ill are not being properly treated, and, as a result, many of these people end up suffering from their disease, from casualties to death. Another consequence to cutting funds is that since people are being left untreated, this leads to an increase in mass incarceration rates. Also, looking at it in a net worth perspective, …show more content…
As a result, the mentally ill are being left untreated, meaning that they are at risk of developing health problems, whether it is physically or mentally. In Syracuse, New York, there is a system of health centers that help out both students and the mentally ill that “serve over 2.2 million patients, or 1 in 9 New Yorkers, at over 750 sites statewide”(Schumer). The outcome of cutting funds for community based health centers, like the ones in Syracuse, will have a profound negative effect on the mentally ill, meaning that the 2.2 million patients served by these health centers will ultimately decrease. The article “ Mental Health System Needs Overhaul: Your Say ” talks about the different outcomes of underfunded health centers that have had a negative impact on the mentally ill. One of them mentioned a mother of a mentally ill patient in a first person narrative. She explained that the rural health system(community health centers) failed to help her daughter, Sam, get medications for her illness, and, as a result, Sam commited suicide due to her pain. If the government does not fund enough money to these health centers, then most of the mentally ill will not get treated and, in cases such as Sam’s, can negatively affect them both physically and

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