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Curriculum Vitea


Name: Kassu Jilcha Sileyew Address: Telephone: 251-0114192427
Cell Phone: 251-0913017744/0928409799/0913356322/0922744045 Email: II. PERSONAL INFORMATION

Date of Birth: 15/01/1984 or 07/05/1976 E.C Place of Birth: East-Shewa, at a special place called Yerer silase Citizenship: an Ethiopian Sex: Male
Marital Status: Married III. EDUCATION

Primary and Junior school: Yerer Silase primary school grade one to 6th 1983 t0 1987 E.C and OdaNebe Dukem Junior School grade 7th and 8th 1988 t0 1989 E.C with certificate award.
High School: Debreziet Comprehensive High school Grade 9th to 12th from 1990 E.C to 1993 E.C and with award of certificate. University: Bahirdar University Engineering Faculty in Industrial Engineering from 1994 E.C to 1998 E.C and degree awarded BSC in 1998 E.C Graduate School: Addis Ababa University, Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering department specialization in Industrial engineering from September 2000 E.C to September 2002 E.C and MSC degree awarded.
3rd Degree: As of today I am a PHD candidate in Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAiT).
Training Software’s: Application software {Ms word, Ms power point, Ms Access, Excel, Logo software, pneumatic software, Logo PLC software, pneumatic software, Hydraulic software, AUTO CAD, Ms Project, Math lab program ).
Other training: training on Entrepreneurship (TOT), training on fund raising proposal project writing, training on pedagogy, training on balanced score card (BSC) implementation, training on business processing re-engineering (BPR) implementation, training on advanced Engineering system, training on scientific research writing, and training on Kaizen (total quality management ).

IV. Language skills
|Language |Listening |Reading |Speaking |Writing |
|Amharic , English and Oromic |Excellent |Excellent |Excellent |Excellent |

V. Other Skills 1. Develop proposal ,prepare progress report and planning budget 2. Ability to manage several tasks simultaneously 3. Great interpersonal skill’ coordinating ability 4. Involvement with management and convincing ability 5. Judging others during presentation of entrepreneurship prototypes 6. Provided training on entrepreneurship to all academic staff at Kombolcha Institute of technology 7. Coordinating training on academic quality assurance for all staffs of Kombolcha Technology Institute
VI. Work Experiences 1. Lecturing experience at Wollo University , Institute of Technology at the department of mechanical Engineering for 3 years 2. I have an additional work experience from Adola Gold Mining company as head, Environmental protection and safety control from December 12/2002 E.C to March 01/2002E.C

3. I have other three years’ experience at Wollo University, Kombolcha Institute of Technology as Lecturer in mechanical engineering department providing courses like Operation planning and control, Plant layout and design, Engineering skill, Engineering Mechanics I( statics), engineering Mechanics II( dynamics), Engineering drawing, Engineering Control and Regulation, Introduction to Mechatronics Engineering, Total Quality management, Entrepreneurship, Engineering Economics and engineering management.

4. Here also I served the institute as Registrar coordinator of the campus from May 1/2002 E.C to November 3/2004 E.C in coordinating and controlling recorders to handle students file and result properly for 1 year and 7 months.

5. I also served the Institute as Entrepreneurship officer accelerating the office to introduce the course of entrepreneurship and its usefulness from November 4/2004 to July 3/2004 E.C providing training for staffs about entrepreneurship in the institute and certified them and served for 8 months.

6. I also served the Institute as Head, academic quality assurance from July 4/2004 E.C to February 8/2004 E.C in preparing training section for staffs about academic quality assurance and controlling the academic quality of education for 8 months

7. Last I also delegated as Research and community service officer in addition to academic quality assurance head and mobilized the staff to submit project proposal that was based on community problem solving for 3 months.

VII. Training and Participations ▪ Training as TOT of Entrepreneurship at Engineering capacity Building program (ecbp ) hall, Addis Ababa in May 2012 ▪ Decision making on presentation of competent judgment at W/ro Sihine Technical school in 2012 ▪ HIV/AIDs training at Hayk lodge, Wollo in 2011 ▪ Pedagogical Training at, Dessie campus hall, Wollu University in 2011 ▪ Training on Fundable project proposal at Kombolcha Institute of Technology hall in 2012 ▪ Training on Logo software at Kombolch Institute of technology computer lab. In 2011 ▪ Training on Electro-pneumatic and pneumatic circuit at Adama Science and Technology university in 2011 ▪ workshops prepared by Dessie city administration for panel discussion on cultural museum construction and hospital foundation in 2012 ▪ Training conducted by New Mexico state in collaboration with Addis Ababa University on System Engineering June 2013 ▪ Training conducted at Addis Ababa university Institute of technology on scientific research writing in August in 2013 ▪ Training on Kaizen by Ethiopian Kaizen Institute collaborated with Japan Scholars at Addis Ababa Ethiopia Hotel in august 2013 ▪ Training on Advanced research methods using Statistical Analysis Software (SAS) at AAiT march 18-24 /2014 for 40 hours training period

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6. Kassu Jilcha (2014), Occupational safety and health chronological development eminence: A literature review, June 24-25, 2014 Valencia Conference Centre, Valencia, Spain 3rd , International Conference and Exhibition on Occupational Health & Safety,


1. Kassu Jilcha (2006), Assessment of Tourism Industry in the National Amhara Regional state, Bahar Dar University, Engineering faculty, Industrial engineering department.

2. Kassu Jilcha (2009), Road accidents and Road safety from Addis Ababa to Hawasa, Addis Ababa University Technology Institute, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering

3. Kassu Jilcha (2008), Capacity Utilization of Faffa Food S.C, Addis Ababa University Technology Institute, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering

4. Kassu Jilcha (2014), Quality impact on Global Competitiveness of Ethiopian Chemical Manufacturing Industries, Addis Ababa Institute of Technology School of Mechanical and Induistroial Engineering

5. Kassu Jilcha (2014), Lean Philosophy on Global Competitiveness of Ethiopian Chemical Manufacturing Industries, Addis Ababa Institute of Technology School of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Courses Taught –Undergraduate
➢ Introduction to Engineering Skill ➢ Engineering Mechanics I (statics0 ➢ Engineering Drawing (technical drawing) ➢ Engineering Mechanics II (dynamics) ➢ Operation Planning and Control ➢ Plant layout and Design ➢ Regulation and Control Engineering ➢ Introduction to Mechatronics Engineering ➢ Statistical and Total Quality management ➢ Introduction to Entrepreneurship ➢ Introduction to Industrial Management and Engineering economics ➢ Material Handling Equipment ➢ Statistics and Probability for Engineers(AAiT) ➢ Total Quality management
MSc Students Advising 1. Hailu Worku, Application of Statistical Quality Control: case of Development Bank of Ethiopia , July 2014

2. Alemayehu Tesfaye, Total Quality Management Implementation Strategy at Entoto TVET College , February, 2014

3. Michael Getachew, Statistical Quality Control: Case of Kolfe House Hold and Utensil Factory, July 2014

4. Hermela Solomon, Statistical Quality Control and Reliablity : case of Ramsey Leather Shoe Factory , July 2014

5. Kassahun Mekonnin, Statistical Quality Control Application: Acase study on Euro caple Plc, July 2014

6. Eyerusalem Mekasha, Statistical Quality Control Application: a case of Faffa Food Company, July 2014

7. Kokobe Beyene, Statistical Quality Control and Reliablity: A case of Electro plating Defect Analysis Using Statistical Quality Control, July 2014

8. Alebachew getahun, Application of Statistical Quality Control: a case of Yirgalem-Addis Textile factory, July 2014

9. Mehari Minas, Implementation of TQM on claims Department of Global Insurance Company in Ethiopia, March , 2014

10. Robel Nigusie, Implementation of Total Quality Management in dire Tanary plc., Febrary 2014

11. Zekarias Yifter, Total Quality Management technique Implementation in Ultra-Tech Electromechanical Engineering Plc, March 2014

12. Hermela Solomon, Plant Design and Erection of Warehouse Design, March 2014

13. Miraf Welay, Plant Design and Erection of Warehouse Design, March 2014

14. Noh Nugusie, Plant Design and Erection of Warehouse Design, March 2014

15. Heran Teweldebrihan, Plant Design and Erection of Warehouse Design, March 2014

16. Balemlay Yassab, Plant Design and Erection of Warehouse Design, March 204

17. Yanet Fisseha, Plant Design and Erection of Warehouse Design, March 2014

18. Deresu Lema, Plant Design and Erection of Warehouse Design, March 2014

19. Hanan sheriff, Workers and Machine performance modeling in manufacturing system using simulation: case on Ethiopia Plastic Industries, July 2014

20. Tesfaye Gashaw, Modeling and Simulation of Inventory management of Artistic Printing Enterprise, July 2014

21. Mehari Minas, Insurance Claim Processing Time and Resource evel Analysis Using Simulation Model, July 2014

22. Belayneh Aye, Job Shop Scheduling Problems for machine shop with shifting Bottleneck, July 2014

23. Abduletif Habib, Performance Improvement by Scheduling Technique, A case of leather industry Development institute , July 2014

24. Haftu Hailu, Time to market reduction of a leather product Manufacturing industry using arena simulation Technique, July 2014

25. Michael Getachew, Real Time Production Sequences for Cookpan Producing Company of Ethiopia, July 2014

26. Hermela Solomon, Lead time prediction using simulation in leather shoe manufacturing, July 2014

27. Eyerusalem Mekasha, application assembly line balancing in germent industry,2014

28. Alebachew , Belayneh, etc, Project management bid preparation practice, march 2014,Advisor Dr. Brihanu Beshah

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