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Cvs Pharmacy Service


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Problems of Current System
• Drop Off

• No one manning drop-off station

• Data Entry

• No refills allowed on script
• DUR hard stop
• Insurance problems

• Production

• Insufficient inventory

• Pick up

Unauthorized refill
Script not ready
Script not covered by insurance
Long lines of angry customers in rush hour

Process Flowchart - As Is

Pick up

Invisible Line
Put in slot Data




Dr. Call bin Ask for approval Reach Dr.?

Dr. Call
Back Bin



Productio n QA

Dr. Denial


What changes do you recommend to CVS’s existing pharmacy fulfillment process? The greatest problems are occurring at the pickup, but it is not the actual pickup process that is inherently flawed. Looking earlier into the process it was thought that “nothing happened” at drop off. Change that thought and use this time to eliminate problems from occurring at pickup. At the drop off do the initial data entry, verify customer information is correct, screen out any “no refill allowed” issues, and perform the insurance check. This extra attention at drop off would allow the customer to know upfront if there are any issues that need to be addressed and be notified of the timetable for closing out the issue. The majority of the pickups occur after work but the drop-offs occur all throughout the day. Even if the drop off took more time than currently this would not increase lines because it would be occurring mostly during not peak times and would reduce the lines during peak times through eliminating those that would try to pickup their prescription during peak times only to find out an issue needs to be resolved. The new process must be able to identify customers that have multiple scripts to be filled and group them

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