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DREAM Act Case Study

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In 2012, President Barack Obama’s secretary of education, Arne Duncan, made the case for passing the DREAM Act on two counts: benefits to the economy and to national security. “The result will be a new generation of college graduates who will help strengthen our economic security and a new set of future taxpayers who will contribute much more as college graduates than they ever would as struggling workers moving from one under-the-table job to another.”In the documents of the DREAM Act, this part out of the document explains how Obama’s secretary of education, Arne Duncan, was trying to allow the DREAM Act to pass. Arne Duncan, proposed two benefits for passing the DREAM Act, benefits to the economy and to national security. He thinks that there will be a new generation of college graduates who will help strengthen our economic security and a new set of future taxpayers.
Some may argue that the DREAM Act should be passed.However...they should not pass the DREAM Act pass because of the booming population growth. Here is a quote stating why the Act should not be passed, “This bill, sadly, does nothing to fix our broken …show more content…
Here is a quote supporting the main topic, “States are enacting measures targeting those least responsible for the nation's immigration quandaries.”This supports my major point by explaining that the states are allowing and starting to do the measures needed to pass the law.Also explaining how passing the act will increase the amount of taxes we bring in to pay off our debt. Then saying that they will have a better community for the children and more kids for them to play

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