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Data Categories


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Data Categories

Data categories are groupings of data with common characteristics or features.

Master Data | Master data describe the people, places, and things that are involved in an organiza- tion’s business.Examples include people (e.g., customers, employees, vendors, suppliers), places (e.g., locations, sales territories, offices), and things (e.g., accounts, products, assets, docu- ment sets).Because these data tend to be used by multiple business processes and IT systems, standardizing master data formats and synchronizing values are critical for successful system integration.Master data tend to be grouped into master records, which may include associated reference data. An example of associated reference data is a state field within an address in a customer master record. | Transactional Data | Transactional data describe an internal or external event or transaction that takes place as an organization conducts its business.Examples include sales orders, invoices, purchase orders, shipping documents, pass- port applications, credit card payments, and insurance claims.These data are typically grouped into transactional records, which include associated master and reference data. | Reference Data | Reference data are sets of values or classification schemas that are referred to by systems, applications, data stores, processes, and reports, as well as by transactional and master records.Examples include lists of valid values, code lists, status codes, state abbreviations, demographic fields, flags, product types, gender, chart of accounts, and product hierarchy.Standardized reference data are key to data integration and interoperability and facilitate the sharing and reporting of information. Reference data may be used to differentiate one type of record from another for categorization and analysis, or they may be a significant fact such as country,

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