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Data Communication at Wal-Mart

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Data Communication at Wal-Mart

Question 1) Wal-Mart has improved its data communication system for its suppliers through various approaches. The main reason for doing so is to, remain the lowest cost retail merchandiser. The first improvement Wal-Mart has done to improve its communication system was adding a customized web site for its suppliers. This customized network has enable suppliers to retrieved, all sales, inventory, and forecasting data through faster connections. To make sure that the confidentiality of data is maintained, Wal-Mart has implemented a security system to ensure that no suppliers can access each other’s data. The second improvement to the data communication system was allowing the suppliers, Web-Based access to Wal-Mart’s Retail Link system to access information in the database.
Question 2) Wal-Mart utilizes various data communication system to remain at the top of the retail business. Some typical data communication systems that are available at Wal-Mart are, the automated distribution system, the computerized routing system, and the electronic data interchange (EDI).
Question 3) An application for Wal-Mart’s wireless system is to compliment the operations of its warehouse management system (WMS). The Vehicle Management System’s purpose is to track and manage the flow of goods within the distribution centers. Another, application of the wireless system is to control and monitor all forklifts and industrial vehicles usage that, are in charge of moving the merchandise through its distribution centers.
Question 4) Some features of the Vehicle Management System are, its ability to use a two-way text messaging system that facilitates management, to effectively dissuade material handling resources to where they are needed the most. Furthermore, the Vehicle Management System works effectively...

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