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Dear Mr. President


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Dear Mr. President,

In this grate country we call America, we have the type of freedom that no other country has ever accomplished before us. Where all citizens regardless of race, religion, or ethnic origins has the right to life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Where anyone can stand up for what he or she believe in and be a part of a nation that fully supports and encourages people to fight for what is right. I would like everyone to take a moment of their time and remember that this gift, that we often take for granted, did not come without a price; and no one deserves our respect and thanks more than our first president George Washington. As one of the founding fathers he risked his blood, treasure and sacred honor to create the greatest nation known to man. I know that we already have president day, which was originally established in recognition of President George Washington, but perhaps we need a “Constitution Day” that focuses on George Washington and the other founding fathers and their work.
George Washington was already a retired soldier who was no stranger to war, participating in the French and Indian war (1754-1763). Problems with Brittan started to spark conflict with the colonies. Britain deeply in debt after the French and Indian War demanded more revenue from the colonies ( After a series of acts followed that restricted the colonies rights. In 1774 George Washington led a meeting to discuss growing problems with the British. His fellow Virginians would then select him to represent their colony at the First Continental Congress, which was a meeting of leaders from across the colonies. Then in 1775 George Washington took up arms to defend what he thought was right serving as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army ( He leaded the colonies to defend their independence in the Revolutionary

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