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Demo Speech
November 2, 2010

Topic: Magic square personal yantra
Specific Purpose Statement: By the end of my speech, my audience will know how to make their own personal yantra by way of a magic square.
Thesis Statement: Knowing your personal yantra is an interesting way to gain insights of your character and life’s path.

I. Introduction A. Attention- Getter: Who hasn’t wondered, what is the purpose of life? 1. Who hasn’t thought to themselves, what will my life be like in the future? 2. Will I be happy? 3. What about my family and friends? 4. Have you ever wondered if you will be rich.
B. Reason to Listen: Well what if I told you, there was an easy way to answer some of life’s most interesting questions. 1. That simple mathematically equations can decipher your fate. 2. That there is a reason why you are who you are. 3. A way to obtain your ideals about love, money and career.
C. Credibility Statement: The ancient tradition of creating numerical yantras has been around for 5 thousand years.
1. I found numerous resources concerning numerology.
a. Including Richard Webster’s Numerology Magic , that I got from the library.
b. There are also plenty of websites dedicated to numerology.
2. I personally have created many yantras for my friends and family.
D. Personal yantras are not only fun to construct, but perhaps can give a person some insight on the purpose of their lives. E. Today, I am going to show you how to make your own personal yantra. 1. First, I will demonstrate how to write a 4 x 4 magic square yantra. a. a yantra is a geometric or numerical diagram used in meditation or worship. 1.A yantra can be scribed on the ground or paper. 2. Permanente yantras are etched in stone, wood or metal. b. A magic square is a formed using mathematical formulas. 1. It will result with all rows, columns and diagonals equaling one sum. 2. The 3 x 3 magic square was first used by ancient Chinese and called Lo Shu 2. Then, I will explain how to interrupt the numbers. a. By summarizing the life path of the square. b. And in addition, will briefly touch on the other squares. 3. And, lastly I will give tips on what to do with a finished yantra.
- Transition: I will need to use someone’s birthday to get started, I will use my own for this exercise. (OR Mrs. Blok my I use your birth date?)
II. Writing a magic square yantra is easy once you know the formula. A. To create your yantra, a person would need very limited supplies. 1. Obviously you will need a writing utensil. 2. you will also need a material to write on. 3. And it is always helpful to have the formula to follow.
B. The numerology book I checked out of the library by Webster is a good source for beginners to use.
1. First you need to create a grid that is 4 squares by 4 squares.
2. Next, label the squares from A- P. a. Write the letters small and in the corner. b. Begin with letter A in the upper left square. 1. Place letter B in the square directly to the right of square A. 2. Place letters C and D in the following squares.
c. Insert letter E into the square directly below square A 1. Continue writing the letters F- P in the same fashion. 2. You should end up with letter P in the bottom right hand corner. 3. Once the letters are in place insert your birthday numbers in order of month, day and year in squares A- C.
a. Your numerical birth month will go into square A.
b. The numeric day of your birth will be placed in square B.
c. Only the last two digits of your birth year will be entered into square C.
d. Square D should be empty at this point. 4. The sum of square D will be produced by adding the month, to the day, to the year. a. For example, my birthday would be 05+11+1980.
b. This equation would equal 1,996.
c. We will then add these numbers together.
1. We will add 1+9+9+6 which then equal 25. i. Do not reduce the number if your sum is either 11 or 22. ii. 11 and 22 are considered master number.
2. And lastly, reduces this number by adding the two digits together. i. Using my birthday as an example: 2 +5 = 7. ii. This means 7 goes in the box labeled D.
5. To equate the numbers for the other boxes, follow the formulas provided and place in assigned boxes. a. Box E calculate C- 2. b. Box F calculate D + 2. c. Box G calculate A- 2. d. Box H calculate B + 2. e. Box I calculate D + 1. f. Box J calculate C + 1. g. Box K calcúlate B -1. h. Box L calculate A – 1. i. Box M calculate B + 1 j. Box N calcúlate A – 3. k. Box O calculate D + 3 l. Box P calculate C – 1. 1. To ensure that you have calculated accurately, add up all the adjoining rows, columns and diagonals.
2. All the sums will equal the same number. i. Some people’s charts may have negative numbers. ii. Negative numbers in the chart indicate a “sore spot” or a major area of improvement. 6. Once again, reduce any double-digit numbers, in the squares E through P, into single digits. a. Remember if any of the numbers are 11 or 22 do not reduce them. b. Numbers 11 and 22 are powerful master numbers.
- Transition: Now we can move on to interpret what these numbers and letters mean.
III. Each number and letter in the magic square represents a characteristic or potential of the individuals. A. I formed these simplistic summary interpretations derived from this book and information from the website that I accessed Oct.31st . 1. Box D is the box of destiny. a. This box represents a person’s life path and this is their purpose in life. 1. A one in this box indicates that a person will need to become Independent; They should also strive towards leadership roles and take on responsibility
2. The number 2 means a person needs to learn diplomacy; they will be able to relate to others if they can keep their emotions in check. 3. A 3 signifies that an individual needs to hone their creative outlets; they are usually effective communicators but must stay on track.
4. A 4 signifies a person who will need to create system and order in life; they are hard workers and will reap their rewards.
5. A 5 represents a life that craves change and excitement; they should harness their energy and find a balance.
6. A number six person will learn the lesson of responsibility in this lifetime; and creative endeavors should be pursued.
7. A 7 is a powerful life path and will need to learn the lesson of introspection, they must learn to be alone without feeling lonely; they will gain wisdom and knowledge as their life progresses.
8. The number 8 need to learn how to handle money and be careful of greed and ego; this individual makes a great executive may gain wealth.
9. A nine indicates a person needs to learn to be a humanitarian and is creative in their ways of giving.
10. A master number of 11 indicates that a person needs to realize their potential, be careful of being shy or withdrawn; this person has the ability to inspire.
11. A number 22 can become a highly evolved person and should work at achieving something great. i. Both master numbers (11 and 22) signify an “old soul” ii. They must work hard at harnessing their gifts. B. More extensive books exist and can be found in specialty shops. C. Some websites provided more information on this subject.
1. A good website to view to gain knowledge about life paths is . 2. Another website I found to be useful was viewed on October 24th.
-Transition: Now that we have discovered the meanings and locating of our destiny number, let’s move on to the symbolism of the other squares.
IV. I will briefly describe the areas of one’s life that is representative of the other boxes. A. Box E is labeled so, because it is representative of where a person’s energy and enthusiasm derives from. B. Square F represents one’s relationship with their family and friends. C. Square G signifies a person’s generosity. D. While square H signifies a person’s humanitarian side. E. Box I interpret person’s own intuition or lack thereof. F. Box J stands for a person’s joy in life. G. Box K signifies an individual’s personal karma. H. While square L, of course represents a person’s love life. I. Square M is representative of money. J. And box N is about a person’s nurturing ability. K. Box O should encourage opportunities. L. And lastly box P is an insight into a person’s philosophy of life. 1. These boxes provide a more complete reading of one’s character. 2. Some of the boxes can be altered to interpret a person’s future. a. Boxes E, F, I, J, O and P can be manipulated to gather new readings. b. these boxes can also decipher compatibility, family changes and energy.
-Transition: Now that we know how to draw a yantra, what should we do with them, you may ask.
V. Now we can turn these yantras into talisman or enjoy the pleasure of making them. A. A yantra can be scribed on paper or engraved on a hard surface and used as a talisman. 1. A talisman is similar to a amulet, but instead of repelling energies, it attracts them. 2. A talisman can be worn on the body or can be tucked away on a person’s belongings. a. I recently made one and wear it daily. b. I have also made temporary ones for family and friends on paper. B. Specific yantras are best scribed on certain materials to evoke the highest energy. C. In addition some yantras are associated with certain mantras.
- Transition: Whew, that was a lot of information to take in! Don’t worry if you missed something or have a new found interest in numerology, I will provide you with handouts.
VI. Now that you have been seen how easy it is to create a personal magic square yantra, I hope you make some for yourself. It is a interesting way gain insight on your characteristics and life’s path. A. I have shown you how to derive a 4 x 4 magic square using a birthday. B. I summarized the overall main point in interpreting a life path. C. And, have touched on the other squares significant points. D. I encourage you to go out and make one either for fun or for fashion.
E. And seriously I hope some enlightenment came from this demonstration.
Works Cited 24 October 2010 .
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Webster, Richard. Numerology Magic. St. Paul: Llewellyn Publications, 1998. webster's online dictonary. 2 November 2010 .
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