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Detailed Worldview Outline
Introduction: I define a worldview as the way we interpret the world. Every person has a worldview that is taught and formed at a young age. As one gets older, their worldview can change a little but the essentials will remain the same. These seven questions are going to reveal my worldview and how I comprehend reality when it relates to particular situations. * Who is God and what are His characteristics? * God is the creator of the universe. * God is forgiving. We as human beings sin. God sees when we have sin. The day we commence a relationship with God, He will forgive us from the sins we have committed. Although He forgives, one has to be prepared to be judged and punished. * What is a human being and what happens when you die? * A human being is a creation of God. * When one dies, the “good” people who had a relationship with God will be sent to heaven into God’s hands. * What is the nature of the universe? * The nature of the universe came from the creation from our Lord being an element of existence. * Existence should not be questioned, something exists merely because it exist. * How do you know what you know? How do you know what is true? * I know what I know by my parents and the bible. * I find these sources reliable and trustworthy because my family and I have always had a strong trust in our Lord; if Jesus said He was real then He was. * What is right and wrong or how can we know there is a right and wrong? * I believe that God knows and taught us from the beginning what is right and wrong. * If there was no God, we would not know what is right and wrong leaving the population to decide for themselves what is correct and incorrect. * Is life...

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