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Playing our part in the North West:

Our business plan for 2015-2020

What our plans mean for your water bill right up to 2020

Over the five year period, 2015-2020, we’re going to keep average bill rises below inflation.
We’ve been able to do this by cutting our costs and being smarter in the way we work. While average bills will still go up in future, due to inflation, it should mean there will be no big jumps in the amount you pay - helping you budget right through to 2020. Business customers will see a rise slightly above inflation and we will work hard to help them reduce their overall spend. We’re making this commitment in our proposed business plan, after speaking to thousands of customers over the past three years, and listening to their priorities. We have also worked closely with the independent Customer Challenge Group - a mix of organisations looking out for customers’ interests, who have scrutinised us every step of the way. Our plan is now with Ofwat, the water regulator, with a decision expected in 2014. Even though affordability and value for money are our priorities for the years ahead, we’ve still got some ambitious plans to improve your water and wastewater services. You can find out more details about these plans in the rest of this leaflet. Have a read – you’d be amazed what goes on beyond the U-bend! Thanks for your time.

What’s this? Bring these stories to life by viewing the films on your smart phone. Download it on your phone for free at and use the app to scan the page where you see this icon. Try this page first.

“I think it’s great I’m sick of prices going up and up.”
Customer - Sainsburys, Penrith

“It’s good to be aware, so you can budget for all your household bills.”
Customer - Ikea, Ashton-under-Lyne

Top: Langden valley - part of our catchment land Above: We will continue to work with...

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