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Differences Between The Articles Of Confederation And The Constitution

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The Articles of Confederation and The United States Constitution are two documents that essentially are the backbone of the structure and system that America relies on. The Articles of
Confederation was a document instituted as a declaration of independence from Great Brittan by the thirteen colonies. The Articles of Confederation, as Sage (2016) states, designated no executive power and congress had very little power over the states. The Articles of Confederation strongly believed in small government and limited powers. According to Winkler (2012), The United States Constitution was implemented as a progressive, innovative document. The United States Constitution expanded on the idea of government and designated more powers to congress in order for them to handle national affairs efficiently. Despite the differences between the two documents, they relate in the idea that for a nation to function a government must be established. When the Articles of Confederation were in place, an executive did not have powers. Though Feldmeth (1998), says that the President would manage the congress. It is evident that the Articles of Confederation wanted nothing to do with powerful government that threatened their newly claimed …show more content…
The Articles of Confederation was the first attempt at a national government. When the Constitution was created, it began to expand on the ideas introduced in the Articles of Confederation to improve how the government ran. While the Articles of Confederation favored smaller government and state power, the U.S. Constitution broadened the rights of the government. Yet, the Constitution still incorporated state rights, representation of the states, and managed to protect the liberty of the nation. Despite the differences between the two documents, they relate in the idea that for a nation to function a government must be

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