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Forwarder Forwarder is used for forwarding DNS queries for external DNS names to DNS servers outside the network and conditional forwarders can be used to forward queries according to specific domain names.
When we designate a DNS server as a forwarder, then that forwarder is responsible for handling external traffic. Which limits DNS server’s exposure to the internet. In less time, a forwarder resolves a large number of external DNS queries using cached data built by it. This decrease the response time of DNS server. Server which doesn’t have forwarder setup. That server can use root hints to resolve queries.
Conditional forwarder:-
Conditional forwarders are using to forward queries according to domain names by DNS server. A DNS servers can be configure to forward queries to different forwarders according to the specific domain names that are contained in the queries is better than having a DNS server forward all queries it cannot resolve locally to a forwarder.
When we configure the DNS server in one internal namespace to forward all queries to the authoritative DNS server in a second internal namespace, Conditional forwarders enable name resolution between the two namespaces without performing recursion on the DNS namespace of internet. This performance enhances name resolution which also avoids DNS servers performing recursion to our internal root for different namespaces within the network.
How to configure Forwarder:-
There are two ways to configure forwarder in DNS server.
1. A) We can go to server manager and select our DNS server’s properties.
b) Under properties. Select forwarder’s tap and add ip address of DNS server where we want to forward our DNS queries. 2. We also can use PowerShell to do this with following command: $(C:\Windows\System32\dnscmd.exe $(hostname) /resetforwarders $($forwardersip)
Age and Scavenging:-
Aging and scavenging is the process by which resource records are given a time stamp when they are created and then removed when their age exceeds a specified limit. This process is useful for preventing the collection of invalid records.
Zones of DNS server:-
DNS server has three types of zones. Primary, Secondary and Stub zone.
Primary zone:-
When we create primary zone in a DNS server. It means this DNS server is the primary source of this zone and following command in PowerShell to create primary zone.
Add-DnsServerPrimaryZone -Name "maninder-01.maninder.local" -ReplicationScope "Forest" -PassThru

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