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Drama in GlüCksburg

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Drama in Glücksburg

The author of the comedy ‘Merchant of Venice is William Shakespeare. We are in the sixteenth century in Venice and Belmont, Italy. The big struggles of the play are Bassanio’s wish to marry Portia and his attempt to free Antonio of the loan he owes to Shylock to keep Antonio alive.

The play ‘The Merchant of Venice’ opens up on a street in Venice. Antonio, a merchant, has some troubles he can’t explain. Bassanio, a friend of Antonio, enters the scene. He just came back from a trip, which was paid by Antonio. On the trip, he saw an heiress called Portia in Belmont. Portia is beautiful, clever and not to mention very rich. Bassanio wants to merry Portia, but he doesn’t have the money to go to Belmont. Antonio is paying for everything that Bassanio does, and again he will pay for the trip. The only problem is that all Antonio’s money is being held at sea. Antonio and Bassanio decides to go around town and raise the money.
Meanwhile, Portia has to get married, but she can’t decide who she wants herself. Her father, before his death, made a test. Tre boxes, one gold, one silver and one bronze. Then suitors from the four corners of the world is coming and has to pick one of the boxes. The box with a picture of Portia, gets to marry her. Portia is complaining about all the men that comes to see her because she says there is something wrong with each and one of them.
Antonio and Bassanio goes to a man named Shylock to borrow 3.000 ducats. Bassanio borrows them on Antonio’s credit. The only problem there is, is that Antonio hates Jews and is disdainful against Shylock whenever he has the chance. Shylock will loan the money to Antonio if Antonio signs a bond, saying that if the money goes unpaid, shylock will have one pound of Antonio’s flesh. Antonio signs the bond because he is sure he will have the money from his...

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