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    Compton’s bookshop since I was a boy. He introduced me to French novels and plays.” Mr. Fielding was noted for the immense collection of French works he had in his shop, but Jessie, not knowing a single utterance in French, had never really paid much attention. She’d read every novel he had until just recently when he’d begun introducing her to diaries. They were, she had to admit, rather interesting, but thin on plot. There were no handsome gentlemen to sweep a girl off her feet. Oh yes, she

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    Happy birthday1951 –by Kurt Vonnegut Happy Birthday is written by Kurt Vonnegut in 1951. The story takes place in a country where there used to be a war. For six years ago when the war ended the old man found a boy without knowing his name, nationality, identity, and his birthday. The old man decided to take care of the boy because of the war. When the boy got older his “father” felt guilty because he had never celebrated the boy’s birthday. The old man decides to celebrate the boy’s 6th

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    even seem to know she's alive, and other things that happen in her life. The princess diaries novel is written by using a diary or journal format. The author does this thing because she wants her reader feels its Mia’s personal diary that they are reading. This novel is one of the novels that I really love. By using this method of writing, I can easily understand the storyline of this novel and the emotions of Mia. Meg Cabot is a great author because she makes the reader feel attached

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    Crossing Life can be hard and difficult. Life is a challenge and it can be hard to be a dad and make your kids happy. As a parent you want do to everything for your children and be the best parent you possibly can. Every father or mother wants the perfect relationship to his or her children but it can be a challenge and go wrong even though it is in a good thought. Like we see in the short story “Crossing” by Mark Slouka, we see a dad that tries his hardest to make his little boy happy. He

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    NOVEL AS A LITERARY FORM The eighteenth century is the century of the prose as well as rise of novel. The novel emerged as a new and significant mode of writing, becoming more than means of providing entertainment, it become a means of radical questioning that would lead a change in entrenched attitudes. THE NOVEL AS FICTION As against imaginative fictional, the novel is a realistic form. It presents that segment of life and society in more or less approximate terms, which has been

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    The English novel is an important part of English literature. This article focuses on novels, written in English, by novelists who were born or have spent a significant part of their lives in England, or Scotland, or Wales, or Northern Ireland (or Ireland before 1922)]. However, given the nature of the subject, this guideline has been applied with common sense, and reference is made to novels in other languages or novelists who are not primarily British where appropriate. Portrait of

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    years. A fictional narrative[edit] Fictionality is the most commonly cited feature to distinguish novels from historiography. From a historical perspective this can be a problematic criterion. Throughout the early modern period, authors of historical accounts in narrative form would often include inventions which were rooted in traditional beliefs in order to embellish a passage of text or add credibility to an opinion. Historians would thus invent and compose speeches for didactic purposes

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    nostalgia for the alliance of throne and altar, but only a handful of the novels — Le ´ Cure de village (1839), for example — promote a Catholic sensibility. The new emphasis on the inner life encouraged by the violent upheavals of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic periods, and in literature by Chateaubriand, Constant, and the early Romantics, prepared the way for novelistic explorations ´ of struggles with faith and conscience in the manner of Sainte-Beuve’s Volupte (1834); but for much of the

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    The novel ‘Dream of Red Mansions’ was written by Xueqing Cao, which is one of the four most Famous Classical Chinese Novels. The author of this book, who has a preliminary democratic ideology, demonstrates profound criticism through this book, including the darkness of bureaucracy, the corruption of the feudal aristocracy, even strict social hierarchy system of the real society in that period of time. On the contrary, the novel praises the real love between two main characters who against the

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    [Author’s Name] [Instructor’s Name] [Course Title] Date Georges Bataille George Bataille is a French librarian and writer whose essays, novels, and poetry expressed his fascination with eroticism, mysticism, and the irrational. He viewed excess as a way to gain personal sovereignty. After training as an archivist at the school of paleography known as the Ecole des Chartes (School of Charters) in Paris, he worked as a librarian and medieval specialist at the Bibliotheque National in

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    第一章          这是我第一次进到他的房间。   浅米色的房间,棕色的衣橱,DIY木地板,绿色格子窗廉,淡蓝色直线条床单,海豚图样枕头套,木黄色桌椅,以及一本白色的日记。   「我们不结婚,好吗?」   这是那本日记封面上唯一的一行字,用他最喜欢的紫色水性笔写的,   旁边还画了个小脚印,涂成黑色的小脚印。     1999年12月11号,我爱上了他。   其实,我跟他不常见面,我在高雄念书,而他在台中,   我们之间常有着大约200公里的距离隔开着,虽然200公里的距离很容易就可以缩短,   但因为他的一些....算症头吧!我们见面的机会变得少之又少。   他坐车会晕车,坐飞机会晕机,只有骑机车时比较正常点。   我的朋友都问我说 : 你这样不是太辛苦了吗?   是的!在他们看来我是很辛苦,我家住台北,我一个人到高雄念书,   我只能利用放假的时候坐长途车到台中找他,而他从来不曾主动找过我,   就因为他坐车会晕车,坐飞机会晕机。   他在高中的时候,父母亲离婚了,监护权由父亲取得,但也在同一年,   他父亲在工地里的23楼摔了下来,当场死亡

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    Crucible: Movie Vs. Novel Two thumbs up for Crucible, one to the movie and one to the novel. Both amazing and well worth your time. This story will keep you intrigued with quenched fists. The picture, derived from Arthur Miller’s classic novel, is slightly predictable to those who read the book, but is compensated for with astonishing acting and terrific cast. For the preponderance, the script of the movie follows that of the novel. The bare bones of the picture discretely parallel 17th

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    Lasse N. Møller 3.a A Gap of Sky The short story “A Gap of Sky” is written by Anna Hope. She writes about a young girl in a huge dilemma between school and party and drugs. She uses special techniques were she uses the city to explain how Ellie, which is the main character, feel inside. Today in these days young people are vulnerable pressure. You have to do everything right if you want to be accepted. When you read the story you get very confused because of the technique. She describes

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    Independent Novel Study: Wave Part A: Plot 1. The point of view in which the story is written is of Sam and Beth Brooks, two siblings who have been separated at Christmas in 2004, with Sam on vacation away from home and Beth forcibly staying at university for a swim meet that she must attend. I believe that the author chose to write from these perspectives because both characters are greatly affected greatly by the main plot

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    Salman Rushdie Midnight's Children First published in 1981 Excerpts from the Koran come from the Penguin Classics edition, translated by N. J. Dawood, copyright (c) 1956, 1959,1966,1968,1974. for Zafar Rushdie who, contrary to all expectations, was born in the afternoon Contents Book One The perforated sheet Mercurochrome Hit-the-spittoon Under the carpet A public announcement Many-headed monsters Methwold Tick, tock Book Two The fisherman's pointing finger

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    A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess I chose the novel A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess because I have watched the movie and I really wanted to read the book. The blurb also shows a dark and interesting book “A Clockwork Orange is the shocking seminal novel that spawned one of the most notorious films ever made...Alex and his thrill-seeking gang indulge in violence...rape and drugs”. The first page already suggests that Alex is a troubled leader of his gang sitting in the milk bar

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    Why is the divorce rate increasing? October 12, 2007 tags: Divorce, Relationships Divorce is on the rise. Whether it’s Delhi or Lucknown, Kerala or Punjab, Kolkata or Chennai, the upper classes or the middle classes, metros or semi-urban areas…the specter of divorce is now here to haunt us all. Why, just in Delhi the figures go thus: 1960’s – 1-2 cases per year 1980 – 100-200 cases per year 1990s – 1,000 cases per year This decade…a jump to 9,000 cases per year About Mumbai (update): So far

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    Letter about the local football derby Dear City Gazette I was going to the local derby this sunday with my little kid. He was very exited about the match. We were going to see The City Rangers play against Capital United. In my family we have always cheered for The City Rangers, and my kid has also got a City Rangers football jersey. At 20:00 my son and I took off from the house and drove over to the football stadium. It was a warm evening and me and my son were both wearing City

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  • Victorian Novel Villians and Villianesses

    Clare Whitehead. Write about the ways in which three of the Victorian novels you have read make use of villains and / or villainesses in their plots. The villains and villainesses in the following novels demonstrate the class struggle in society that existed in the Victorian era and that still exists today. The upper class who are described by Marx as ‘the bourgeois’ which (cited in Hamilton) he goes on to describe as; ‘the class of modern capitalists, owners of the means of social

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    By Blood and Bone It was on my volition and indeed I alone will suffer. It seemed so right for me to accept for I cannot bear the thought of my brother leaving his other half. I knew better. It was the only way I could save us. We were orphans yet royals. I knew I was stepping in the enemy’s territory, I knew I submitted to what they wanted, I knew. I knew. I have to save them. One Year Earlier “Are you ready yet your highness?” I heard Linda, my personal maid said as she opened

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    “Before the Law” — Criticism of the Dark Society of Old Austria “Before the Law” is a short story in the book <The Trial> written by Franz Kafka. Kafka is an Austrian living in the time when the Austro-Hungarian Empire was about to collapse. In his works, he often used fantastic images to show individuals’ isolation and despair, who were surrounded by the hostile social environment. First, as we can see in the story, the countryside man uses all his life trying to gain entry into the law

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    In her novel How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents, Julie Alvarez presents the reader with a series of 15 interlocking stories that narrate the difficulties of growing up bicultural in the United States. The Garcia girls are Carla, Sandra, Yolanda and Sofia, though Alvarez speaks most through Yolanda's narrative. They Garcia girls were born in the Dominican Republic and move to the United States as children. The book opens in 1989, with the Garcia girls are American adults. The narrative then

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    Whether you need to write a book review, a piece of literary criticism, or an essay about an author's life and works, you will find writing samples in our Novels section to use for reference and from which to gather ideas. You'll encounter writing that addresses beloved, classic literature as well as modern, controversial novels. Find expository writing that discusses the life of Nathaniel Hawthorne and his chilling novel, "The Scarlet Letter." How is "the scarlet letter" in the story more

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  • 1984, a Dystopian Novel

    1984, A Dystopian Novel The novel “1984” by George Orwell, is a quintessential dystopian novel. A dystopia is a vision of society in which life is typically characterized by human misery, poverty and violence. A dystopian society have an oppressive societal control and the illusions of a perfect society are maintained through corporate, bureaucratic, technological, moral, or totalitarian control. The novel 1984 takes place in a totalitarian state of Oceania that would make even dictators like

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    Dinner with Dr. Azad What is a multicultural society? There is many different definitions of this word. Every people have his or her own definition depending on who or where he or she are from. Almost every definition is about a society with many different cultures. This society is pretty much the definition of a modern society. This society is full of people from all around the world and they have all brought a culture with them to the new country they are entering. Many of the new people

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    Bre Patterson Mrs. Warner 3rd hour AP Language Novel Project #2 Title: The title is “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and I think the book was titled this in order to give honor to one of the main characters, Uncle Tom. Throughout his life as a slave, Uncle Tom’s faith, passionate heart and loyalty never wavered even during the worst of times. Time Period: The novel takes place during the mid-19th century. This becomes evident in the text with the use of slavery and prejudice manners between

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  • Storm Breaker Novel vs Film

    “Storm breaker” an award winning book for all ages by Anthony Horowitz is a spy thriller about a teenager named Alex Rider. He is not your everyday average 14 year old. After the book was published , a film was made in 2006 starring well known actors like Alex Pettyfer, Ewan MacGregor and Micky Rourke. The film and the book is simmilar but has some differences. For example, in the book it starts with “When the door bell rings at 3 in the morning, its never good news.” on the other hand, in

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    NOVELS What is strange is that this prejudice against novel reading has persisted, to some extent, even in the modern world including India which has borrowed the novel form from the West. Students, particularly, are not encouraged to read novels. Parents and teachers seem to think that youngsters read fiction mainly to kill time, are likely to get addicted to it as to a drug, and derive from it a pleasure which makes them reluctant to apply themselves to serious study. It must be admitted

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    manifest themselves not only in the characters they create and their interaction with each other, but also in the way they make them react or respond to the various situations in which they find themselves and in what they say within these situations. They are relatively free to choose their material, but their conclusions about life and the nature of their novels are dependent on their innate personality, as this affects not only the way in which they present their characters, but also our own

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  • The Gothic Novel

    of villainy so vile and depraved, while littered with murder and supernatural elements so as to plunge readers into a physical and psychological ecstasy of terror. With its impulsively imaginative use of such terror novels of the gothic form are normally set within the eerily spacious gothic structures of castles, monasteries and mansions that seem to be outfitted with never ending passages, panels, and unsettling trapdoors, or the jarringly haunting, mysterious landscape of ruins. The first

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    The plot line of the story includes numerous major incidents. They are: 1) The opening of the story and an introduction of many of the major characters, including Luke, the narrator, his grandfather, and the "hill people" and Mexicans who will be picking cotton on their farm for the next two months. This also introduces a sub-plot line that will be important to the novel – Luke and his family's love of baseball. 2) Pappy's money woes and the hope the cotton will provide enough money to

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  • Novel Study on 'the Droughtlanders

    Independent Study Novel Sarah Driedger The Droughtlanders Part A 1. Carrie Mac is an award winning author who wrote the Droughtlanders series. Carrie is a writer, storyteller and an artist. She’s written countless books, many that are award winning her very first book ‘The Beckoners’ won the Arthur Ellis YA Award, is a CLA Honour book, and is being adapted for film. Carrie is able to hold the interest of many teenagers with her griping novels. 2) The novel ‘The Droughtlanders’ is

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  • The Hobbit: a Classic Novel

    hero and how it was crazy during that time. Also, one must look at its ability to stand the test of time, and its ability to influence other artists stretching across the fantasy field. In talking about Tolkien’s replacement of a "god like" hero with an everyday hero one must realize the trends of that time. Most novels with heroes leading up to this time were filled with great powerful men who possessed some sort of mystical weapon or power. In this story Tolkien decided to break the mold and

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    Global warming speech What is global warming? Global warming is the gradual increase of the temperature of earth's atmosphere and oceans. Over the past century the average temperatures have gone up by just over one degree. This may not seem like much, but many scientists agree that the earth's temperatures are starting to increase at a faster rate. What causes it? Global warming occurs when greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane trap heat inside the earth's

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    standard genre of novels or in Eliot’s terminology “silly novels”. ESSAY 1. Maggie Tulliver the protagonist from the novel Mill on the Floss would have been allowed to continue her personal development and become an independent, spiritual, and sensual woman if she had lived in the twenty-first century. Her needs for intellectual stimulation would have been met, maybe on a campus such as Oxford, Harvard, or the University of Chicago majoring in Humanities perhaps. If not in an academic setting

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  • Holes - a Novel Study

    The novel “Holes” is a fictitious tale, with mystery, comedy, and adventure. “Holes” was written in 1998 in Texas by multi-award winning author Louis Sachar. Sachar was born March 20, 1954 in New York. He developed a love for reading in high school. He entered college and studied law. He needed to pick up a course, so he signed on to be a teacher’s aide. It became his favorite class (his first book mirrored his life as a teacher’s aide – “Louis the Yard”). Sachar practiced law until

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    During my primary school period, I was very dependant, and reliant on my parents to help me with such things as homework, and other education based material. On course to the build of my SATS, it required me to revise for the exams, and as I was very reliant on my parents and teachers at school, I was unable to revise efficiently. However, my parents decision to send me to a private boarding school in London, for five years during my secondary school life, enabled me to gain responsibility of

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    Shaquila Rodriguez (972)598-3228 ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Education: Everest College: May, 2012 ------------------------------------------------- Certificate/ Medical Assistant ------------------------------------------------- Skills Charting/ Appointment books Call Rep/Volunteer Microsoft Word(Word, Office , Excel, PowerPoint ,Outlook ,Data

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  • Frankenstein as a Gothic Novel

    Frankenstein as a Gothic Novel Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein is considered as a Gothic novel but it can be seen as a compilation of both Gothic and Romantic because of the significance of the sublime. Certain events and settings in the novel present the gothic themes. Shelley uses the different themes in her novel to evoke feelings of horror and terror in the reader. Frankenstein engages in a quest in pushing the realms of science to their limits which leads him to playing god and

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  • 300 the Graphic Novel

    A motion picture adjusted from the realistic novel accomplished the higher consideration than the first book. The motion picture was a free adaption of the realistic novel. The motion picture utilized a wide range of components to make it more alluring then the novel. The fundamental explanation behind the prevalence of the motion picture or the novel is that novel is composed for various group of onlookers than the film is made for, which implies that motion picture must be appealing to the

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    JOHN WYNDHAM THE CHRYSALIDS 1 When I was quite small I would sometimes dream of a city — which was strange because it began before I even knew what a city was. But this city, clustered on the curve of a big blue bay, would come into my mind. I could see the streets, and the buildings that lined them, the waterfront, even boats in the harbour; yet, waking, I had never seen the sea, or a boat. ... And the buildings were quite unlike any I knew. The traffic in the streets was strange, carts

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  • Postmodernism in Steinbeck's Novel

    (and beyond) most of the American public (as well as the international audience) has been exposed to it through cultural texts such as novels, poems, songs, motion pictures, TV series, and documentaries. Hence the Civil War has been regarded “A War that Never Goes Away,” as most convincingly suggested by American historian James McPherson in his ground breaking studies on the Civil War and its significant impact on American society. Even a cursory glance at the presence of the Civil War in both

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    Maybe it’s a way to buy that first car. It could be a way to support yourself in college. Or it might be the way you enter the corporate world. Whatever you’re looking for, McDonald’s can help you make your own way, with challenging careers, quality benefits and the best opportunities around. Flexible Schedules We believe in flexible schedules that fit into the way you live your life and can help you reach your goals. We’ll also give you the mentorship and guidance you need to succeed

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    Assumptions ▪ Total investment cost I0 is the acquisition cost of $12 Mio. ▪ Since there were only little information available what would happen after 1984 we decided to go for a conservative approach. Thus, we assumed a salvage value of $6,190,000 at that the end of 1984 that is then taken into the NPV computation. The salvage value was computed by deducting the yearly depreciation until 1984 from the initial investment of $12,000,000. ▪ There is no growth

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  • Novel Comparison Essay

    ISP ESSAY How one lives their life relies a great deal on perspective. Perspective is either the key to happiness, or the route to misery. The novels Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry and Freedom by Jonathan Franzen both display how ones perspective determines their path and ultimate outcome in life. Although the novels deal with two completely different styles of families they do share many common themes concerning the aspect of perspective. Both the Vakeel and the Berglund families

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  • Novel by Mark Haden

    The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-Time is written by Mark Haddon. This is a murder mystery novel with strange feeling. Christopher is fifteen years old boy, who is the narrator and detector in the story, but suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome diseases. He is intelligent in math but hardly know something about human beings and their emotions. It’s good to learn something new from others and that feeling I found in Christopher because even though he has difficulty in understanding

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  • Novel

    Discussion 1 Upper class families usually have one parent taking care of the children while the other one works a full time job. They are able to employ an in home caregiver to care for the children. They are able to have better health care, and are also able to purchase healthier food for the family. Upper class families have mannerisms and values that are distinct from those of the underclass families. Upper class children are socialized into high culture, for example, being taken to

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  • Independent Novel: the Hunger Games

    Olivia Mokler Mr. Burgner English II 5 April, 2012 Independent Novel: Journal #1 Summary- As punishment for a previous rebellion against the Capitol in which a 13th district was destroyed, one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 from each district are selected by annual lottery to participate in the Hunger Games, an event in which the participants (or "tributes") must fight in an outdoor arena controlled by the Capitol, until only one remains. The story follows 16-year-old

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