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    NOVELS What is strange is that this prejudice against novel reading has persisted, to some extent, even in the modern world including India which has borrowed the novel form from the West. Students, particularly, are not encouraged to read novels. Parents and teachers seem to think that youngsters read fiction mainly to kill time, are likely to get addicted to it as to a drug, and derive from it a pleasure which makes them reluctant to apply themselves to serious study. It must be admitted that

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    A novel is a long prose narrative that describes fictional characters and events, usually in the form of a sequential story. The genre has historical roots in antiquity and the fields ofmedieval and early modern romance and in the tradition of the novella. The latter, an Italian word used to describe short stories, supplied the present generic English term in the 18th century. Further definition of the genre is historically difficult. The construction of the narrative, theplot, the relation to reality

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    Comment of Novel

    The novel ‘Dream of Red Mansions’ was written by Xueqing Cao, which is one of the four most Famous Classical Chinese Novels. The author of this book, who has a preliminary democratic ideology, demonstrates profound criticism through this book, including the darkness of bureaucracy, the corruption of the feudal aristocracy, even strict social hierarchy system of the real society in that period of time. On the contrary, the novel praises the real love between two main characters who against the feudal

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    Essay on Novels

    Essay on Novel Published by admin at 12:41 pm under Sample Essays Tim Winton’s novel, ‘That eye, the sky’ is a powerful exploration of such themes as loneliness, isolation and maturity within the context of Australian family life and landscape. These themes, which come to represent serious and grave difficulties for the protagonists, are explored somewhat differently across the mediums of film and text. John Ruane’s cinematic interpretation of Tim Winton’s text provides a useful and constructive

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    Victorian Novels

    2012 Final Question 1 Victorian novels Emma by Jane Austen, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, Middlemarch by George Elliot and early twentieth century novel Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf all portray and emphasis a heighten sense of awareness in their societies, social lives and love. The evolution of main characters in each of the novels shows transition between the writers and characters through close observations of social interactions. Victorian novels more often idealized a sort of portrait

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    Evolution of British Novel

    The English novel is an important part of English literature. This article focuses on novels, written in English, by novelists who were born or have spent a significant part of their lives in England, or Scotland, or Wales, or Northern Ireland (or Ireland before 1922)]. However, given the nature of the subject, this guideline has been applied with common sense, and reference is made to novels in other languages or novelists who are not primarily British where appropriate. Portrait of Samuel

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    Novel Study on 'the Droughtlanders

    Independent Study Novel Sarah Driedger The Droughtlanders Part A 1. Carrie Mac is an award winning author who wrote the Droughtlanders series. Carrie is a writer, storyteller and an artist. She’s written countless books, many that are award winning her very first book ‘The Beckoners’ won the Arthur Ellis YA Award, is a CLA Honour book, and is being adapted for film. Carrie is able to hold the interest of many teenagers with her griping novels. 2) The novel ‘The Droughtlanders’ is set

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    Novel Comparison Essay

    ISP ESSAY How one lives their life relies a great deal on perspective. Perspective is either the key to happiness, or the route to misery. The novels Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry and Freedom by Jonathan Franzen both display how ones perspective determines their path and ultimate outcome in life. Although the novels deal with two completely different styles of families they do share many common themes concerning the aspect of perspective. Both the Vakeel and the Berglund families struggle

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    Jeanette Winterson's Novels

    into an all girls grammar school and later she went to Oxford University where she studied and read English. When she moved to London she wrote her first book, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, which won the 1985 Whitbread prize. Most of Jeanette’s novels are

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    Wave Novel Study

    Independent Novel Study: Wave Part A: Plot 1. The point of view in which the story is written is of Sam and Beth Brooks, two siblings who have been separated at Christmas in 2004, with Sam on vacation away from home and Beth forcibly staying at university for a swim meet that she must attend. I believe that the author chose to write from these perspectives because both characters are greatly affected greatly by the main plot, though

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