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Unleash the (W)horde

My game is a strategy tower defense game with zombies in it! You build different kinds of towers to defend yourself against the zombie whores that are trying to kill you. The theme of the game is basically just zombie survival after you cleared a map you move on to a new one. The setting is everywhere around the world around the time of 2015, from Paris to Bangkok just that it’s a lot darker and grimmer.
The goal in the game is to kill all the zombies in the world and of course survive!
The character in the game is Bengt Rolfsson he is a middle-aged man around 45 years old with grey hair and a grey beard, he has no family that he remembers since he woke up not remembering a thing except how to build basic towers and turrets, he doesn’t know why he keeps fighting since he has nothing to get from it….or does he?
Why you keep playing in basically the human instinct of survival no man really wants to die! You build these turrets and towers by choosing them in the menu in the bottom left they cost a different amount of zombie teeth which you get when you kill a zombie it varies from zombie to zombie since they have a rotten body some teeth might have fallen out.
Why you should play my game is because it’s a new thing! There are some game out there that a zombies vs turrets like the game “Plants vs Zombies” but I’m imagining a bit more realistic graphics and of course better gameplay and story!

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