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Drug Enforcement Goals

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A).Identify two or three items from your review that are the most interesting to you and relevant to your professional goals, list them and sketch out why in preparation for producing your assignment submission.
Several of the topics are intriguing to me. My professional goals include learning about drugs enforcement. Practical drug enforcement can be used in different law enforcement agencies. These agencies will include city, state, national, and federal agencies. I was interested in more than three but here are a few; I am interested in learning the different methods used for drug enforcement. Learning the different methods of drug enforcement will assist me when interacting with criminals. Drug enforcement can help prevent drugs for entering …show more content…
Marijuana is used for medical and for pleasure. It is legal in some places but illegal in others. As a probation officer it is best to know how to determine if a criminal is selling or growing illegal drugs. Individuals on probation must take drug test. Therefore, they cannot use drugs nor be in possession of it. Special enforcement operation teaches how drugs is grown. This will allow me to identify instruments used to grow marijuana. In addition, there will be ways to identify people smuggling drugs. Furthermore, we can conduct investigations on different areas of drug smuggling. In conclusion, I hope to learn more about the techniques used for practical drug …show more content…
When professional people work together they find information that may have been overlooked. There are two question I would like to answer at the end of this course. Question One: What steps are being implemented to help with drug enforcement and are the changes successful statistically? Question Two: What agencies collaborate to implement steps to help with changes made for drug enforcement? These two questions are relevant to my professional goals. This will help me learn the different roles of a probation officers. I would like analyze the law and steps used to enforce drug enforcement. My goal is to gather information that will help me answer my essay questions. Research is required to help me determine the steps used to created drug enforcement. Anyone working with drug enforcement may find themselves in danger. This is due to the fact they work with gang members and high risk felons. This job requires them to do surveillance and assist in drug busts. Probation officers are not required to assist with drug busts. However, they may have to create a list of goals and resources for clients required to report. Clients will report to probation officers maybe once or twice a

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