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Corporate Background
Sanmar has grown over the years from a specialist shipping company established in 1994, into a corporate business house. Today, SANMAR HOLDINGS is the parent company of the group that unfolded its business involvements in the port city of Chittagong in 1999. With acquisition and diversification, the business arms of SANMAR HOLDINGS rapidly extended to areas like Residential, Commercial & Land Development, Real Estate Investment, Construction of Multi-storied Residential, Commercial, Schools and Hospitals, Architects & Design, Property Management, International Shipping Agency, Port Related Business, Agro Business, International Trading, Capital Management and Indoor Amusement. Real Estate building and development is the core business of the company. Sanmar today is the leading provider of luxury projects and the name behind some of the most acclaimed residential and commercial developments that includes gated community township for all customer segments.

Business Philosophy

Strictly adhere to control measures that ensure quality products with focus on delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction through employing the best human resource available in the country.
Right from the construction worker at site to the management personnel at the top brass, Sanmar believes in developing people for today and tomorrow; our employees are our most important asset. Sanmar hires top class talent. Our people are the passion behind everything we do. We treat our employee as customer, providing highest level of working environment and feel them proud to work at Sanmar.


The company aims to have development projects that would be treated as true icons, reference points for creativity and ingenuity and take its corporate responsibility to a new level in the real estate development sector of the country.


The company envisages to be one...

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