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Biology / Genomics 156—Genetics, Genomics and Society
Summer 2014
Portfolio Assignment (in two parts)

Part 1: News article summaries
Summarize three news articles, blog posts, podcasts or videos from within the last 12 months describing a discovery, advance, therapy or ethical, legal, social issue in genetics or genomics. The summaries should be approximately one to two pages in length and include the following:

* If it is an article or blog post you must print and attach a copy to your summary * If it is a podcast or video please provide a link * Title of article * Date and source of publication * Author’s name * Synopsis of article * Brief discussion of the genetic or genomic concepts discussed in the article and how these relate to topics covered in lecture or course readings * Opinions or feelings: Paragraph stating your opinions or attitude towards the subject of the article. This involves identifying what the ethical, social or policy issue(s) are, stating your position about these issues and providing well-reasoned, logical and informed support for your position.

Due Dates:
Summary one is due Monday 7/07
Summary two is due Monday 7/14
Summary three is due Monday 7/21

Grading Rubric:
The four article summaries will be graded according to the attached grading rubric.

Part 2: Reflective Essay
Complete a reflective essay that reflects upon how science impacts society. For the topic of your essay, choose any genetic or genomic issue that you identified in your news article summaries in Part 1 of this assignment. Expand your knowledge of this issue by completing additional readings on the topic (at least four additional references) and write about any of the following:

* How what you have read about may impact you, your family, your community or the human race

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