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EPA Fracking Report Summary

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“5 Things You Need to Know About the EPA Fracking Report” written by Michael Brune on the website EcoWatch discusses the problems the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s report on Hydraulic Fracturing Drinking Water Assessment addresses. The article discusses how fracking has contaminated the drinking water and this contamination has not been documented by the EPA. The author gives five things he believes you should know about the fracking report; 1. Oil and gas companies don’t want you to know about fracking; 2. There are a lot of risks to drinking water that has been fracked because chemicals can get in your water; 3. Fracking is usually done near where people live; 4. Fracking is usually done near water that supplies citizens with water; …show more content…
These degrees do not make him qualified to write about scientific topics. His books on environmental science talk more about creating well-paying jobs and promoting national security than discussing the science itself. Though his books and article may have some points that are reasonable, they cannot be taken as fact since they are articles of opinion rather than an article based on research. The EcoWatch website publishes environmental news that can be about the science of the topic or about the business and political aspect. This means that an article on their site does not need to have any sources or have scientific backing to be published. No one on the advisory board for the website EcoWatch has a scientific degree. They have all done a lot of work in the field of environmental science but they do not have a degree or the background to make scientific claims. Most journals that consider themselves to be scientific journals have scientists as their publisher and editors. Proper journal articles will cite many scientific studies that have been performed numerous time and by different

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