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ECE 405 Entire Course

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ECE 405 Entire Course
ECE 405 Week 1 DQ 1 Teaching Respect for Cultural Diversity Poster
Teaching Respect for Cultural Diversity Poster. Twenty first century early childhood classrooms in the United States are filled with culturally diverse students. As an early childhood educator, you can help prepare this future generation of children to succeed in school. Chapter 1 of the textbook describes different strategies educators can use to support children in their classroom success.
ECE 405 Week 1 ePortfolio Submission 1 Culturally Relevant Methods ePortfolio Submission 1: Culturally Relevant Methods. Throughout this course you will develop an ePortfolio that includes evidence of your cultural competence in each of the following areas:
§ CulturallyRelevantMethods
§ Anti-BiasCurriculum
§ DiverseFamilyStructures
§ MulticulturalEducation
Using Chapters 1 and 2 of your text and at least one additional scholarly source, compile a list of 20 culturally competent strategies for English language learners (ELLs). At least five of your strategies should be appropriate for infants/toddlers, five strategies should be appropriate for preschool, and five strategies should be appropriate for early elementary age. You may select the age level for the five remaining strategies.
ECE 405 Week 2 DQ 1 Culturally Relevant and Anti-Bias Classroom
Culturally Relevant and Anti-Bias Classroom. Teachers can be genuine in their efforts to design and provide a culturally relevant and anti-bias classroom, but still fail to foster an environment where children are fully inclusive of others and free of prejudice.
Our classrooms are filled with children and families from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. Imagine you are an early childhood educator who has received the attached surveys from your families. After you read through the surveys below, select one family that you want to use for this discussion.
Survey Child #1
Survey Child #2
Survey Child #3
Survey Child #4
Write a transcript for a parent-teacher conference that you might have with this family based on facts you learned about them from the survey. Develop five questions that the parent/family member might ask you about your classroom during a conference, each including a fact from the survey. For example, a family might ask you, “What resources are available to help my child learn English?” or “How can I help support my child at home since I work during the day?” Then develop responses to address their questions. Be sure to include an example of how specifically you will do this in the classroom and provide support from the textbook
ECE 405 Week 2 ePortfolio Submission 2 Culturally-Relevant, Developmentally Appropriate Lesson Plan ePortfolio Submission 2: Culturally Relevant, Developmentally Appropriate. This week, you will complete the second section of your ePortfolio, which will demonstrate your cultural competence using culturally relevant methods and anti-bias curriculum. You will add a new page to the ePortfolio that you created in Week One using Google Sites. Please review the “Creating an ePortfolio” job aid and the Example ePortfolio for guidance.
As discussed in Chapter 3, the concept of culturally relevant, anti-bias instruction includes planning lessons that are relevant to the children and families in your program. Using the Lesson Plan Template provided, create two different multicultural lessons based on the developmental level of your choice:
§ Infant/toddler (must be activity-based)
§ Preschool (can be literature-based or activity-based)
§ EarlyElementary(mustbeliterature-based)
ECE 405 Week 3 DQ 1 Home-School Plan
Home-School Plan. Chapters 4 and 5 discuss the importance of early childhood educators making a connection with families. Review both chapters and reflect on how an educator’s relationship with families can have a positive impact on a child’s education. For this discussion, think about three specific strategies that would help an educator make a purposeful connection with Immigrant/ELL families. Create a chart with the following:
ECE 405 Week 3 e-Portfolio Submission 3 Diverse Family Structures ePortfolio Submission 3: Diverse Family Structures. This week, you will complete the third section of your ePortfolio, which will demonstrate your cultural competence in the area of diverse family structures. You will add a new page to your ePortfolio that you created in Week One using Google Sites. Please review the “Creating an ePortfolio” job aid and the Example ePortfolio for guidance.
Watch the video featuring Monarch’s Stephen Keiley. Reflect on Mr. Keiley’s comments regarding teaching and homelessness and address the following in a two- to three-page essay:
Mr. Keiley shared that if the child’s parents are struggling then the children will struggle as well. Discuss how you would address this as the classroom teacher.
Describe how you would connect with the families at this school.
Recommend four strategies that support a consistent, effective, and reliable learning environment.
For additional suggestions and sources visit the Support Services page on the Monarch School website.
ECE 405 Week 4 DQ 1 Access to High Quality Programs
Access to High Quality Programs. Children’s access to high quality programs in the United States is influenced by the state in which they live. For this discussion, you will visit the Children’s Defense Fund website and access the Children in the States Factsheet for your state and another state of your choosing. Review the fact sheet for your state and another state of your choosing. Find data for the following:
a. Number of children served by Head Start
Average annual cost of child care for a 4-year-old in a center
Percent of 3-year-olds enrolled in state pre-k, Head Start, or special education programs
Percent of 4-year-olds enrolled in state pre-k, Head Start, or special education programs
Number of poor children (and percent poor)
You will then create a graphic representation (e.g. chart, table, graph, etc.) that clearly shows the differences in these statistics between your state and the other state you chose. You are encouraged to use “chart”, “table”, or “smart art” features in Word to create your graphic. You may also use Excel. An example is included here:
ECE 405 Week 4 ePortfolio Submission 4 Multicultural Education ePortfolio Submission 4: Multicultural Education. Week Four’s focus is “Multicultural Education.”
According to Nieto and Bode (20132), “Becoming a multicultural teacher…means first becoming a multicultural person” (p. 392). Throughout this course, we will discover ways to create multicultural learning environments that are responsive to the needs of children and their families. The first step is to examine our own beliefs about multicultural education. For this assignment, you will:
§ Describe your current beliefs about multicultural education (i.e., how you define it). Complete this step before reading the article and the other source you choose.
§ Create your own multicultural education philosophy statement after reading the “Multicultural education” article and at least one other scholarly source of your choice.
§ Discuss at least two specific ways to incorporate your philosophy into a multicultural classroom.
§ Discuss at least two obstacles you might encounter when creating a multicultural learning environment and include ways to address these challenges.
For this assignment, you will create a Glog using Glogster. Start by creating a free Glogster account. Then, review the Glogster Instructions. Your Glog should thoroughly address each of the four points above, and your information should be presented in a clear, creative, and visually appealing way. Also, be sure to include references that are formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center
ECE 405 Week 5 DQ 1 Cultural Competence Sharing and Reflection
Cultural Competence Sharing and Reflection. Throughout this course you have learned about several concepts that contribute to the creation of a culturally responsive environment to support the learning and development of all children and their families. You now have an ePortfolio that demonstrates this learning. This final discussion has two required parts:
For the first part of this discussion, please share the link to your completed Cultural Competence Google site ePortfolio. This is your opportunity to share with others your compilation of ideas, beliefs, and strategies to meet the needs of all your children and families.
You will reflect on your ePortfolio, summarizing the main concepts and why they are important to you as an educator. The four main themes to are:
§ Culturally Relevant Methods § Anti-Bias Curriculum
§ Diverse Family Structures
§ Multicultural Education
ECE 405 Week 5 Final Paper
For the Final Paper, you will write a literature review. During each week of the course, you will develop an annotated bibliography of scholarly articles that are relevant to a chosen theme of cultural competence in early childhood education. The themes are as follows:
Culturally Relevant Methods
Anti-Bias Curriculum
Diverse Family Structures
Multicultural Education
You will finalize the literature review by incorporating two additional scholarly sources into your paper that highlight the necessity of designing a classroom to meet the needs of diverse learners. Be sure to align your selection with your chosen theme. The finalized literature review must include the scholarly sources submitted in Weeks Two through Four as well as the two additional scholarly sources you select in Week Five.
Your literature review must include the following:
An introduction that provides the reader with an understanding of what research has been completed and why the topic under investigation is important to early childhood education.
A discussion of the common ideas or themes in the scholarly sources that you have found.
An analysis of what you have learned based your research.
An explanation of how the research findings translate into real-world classroom application.
A summary of the information and an explanation of how the information from these articles will impact you in your career.
An explanation of how your chosen topic is connected to the other themes that make up overall cultural competence. The four themes to address are: § CulturallyRelevantMethods
§ Anti-BiasCurriculum
§ DiverseFamilyStructures § MulticulturalEducation
The literature review must be three to four pages in length excluding the title page and reference pages. The review should be formatted according to APA guidelines

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