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90 exceptional people who will shape the future of business

The IMD MBA Class of 2011

Developing your future global leaders

The IMD difference
Why recruit at IMD? Find truly global experienced leaders able to address your company’s challenges in today’s complex environment 90 talented pre-screened participants Besides strong academic ability, we assess the leadership potential with a focus on real management capacity in a multi-cultural and complex environment. In total we spend at least 10 manhours per candidate to make sure each one is right for the program. The admission process consists of: - an online application with 12 essays - letters of recommendations - a full day assessment center Once accepted, each candidate goes through a full background check conducted by an independent agency. International and experienced In a class of 90, you will find 40+ different nationalities and 90% of the participants will have spent at least 6 months outside their home country. With a minimum of 3 years of work experience, our participants have on average 7 years of experience prior to IMD. Trained to become truly global hand-on leaders Besides strong academic business fundamentals, our intensive one-year program is designed to constantly push our MBAs beyond their comfort zone. A diversity of hands-on projects takes them through various settings: - a 6-week startup project - a 9-week international consulting project with medium to large multinational companies - a one-week discovery expedition to an emerging market (this year, South Africa), advising local SMEs With a strong self-awareness With an unparalleled focus on leadership, the IMD MBA program aims at enhancing selfawareness, identifying ones’ strengths and learning how to lead teams and organizations. It includes: - preparing a personal and professional identity…...