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Educational Psychology : Case Study


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Throughout the research process, the focus has been to investigate the different aspects of environmental influences on human development among students of UNISEL. During the research process, we have gained a deeper knowledge and understanding on how environmental aspects affect human development. We also discovered that child development not only focuses on one aspect, but also many aspects such as prenatal environment, physical environment, social / cultural environment and emotional environment.

We would like to express our utmost gratitude to Mr.Nadraj, our lecturer, for his great guidance, advice and consideration in the process of completing this research on time. His immense contribution and insight have made this project a much more complete one. Also, I would like to extend my appreciation to all who have assisted me in many ways, resulting in this report. The deepest gratitude to all the respondents who were willing to participate in our survey; without their valuable contribution and response, this study would not have been able to be carried out.

Thank You!

1.0 Introduction................................................................................................................. 3
1.1 Background................................................................................................................. 3
1.2 Purpose....................................................................................................................... 4
1.3 Scope ........................................................................................................................... 4

2.0 Methodology ............................................................................................................... 5

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