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Law In Relation In Justice

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Assignment 1
What is law.

Law can generally be describe as a set of rules, developed over a long period time that regulates interactions have with each other, and which sets standards of conduct between individual and between individuals and the government which are enforceable through sanction. Thus, to the layman, law is understood as being a general rule of conduct. In the Oxford English Dictionary, law is defined as ‘the body of enacted or customary rules recognized by a community as binding’. However the word ‘law’ has been given many different definition by lawyer.

It is possible to describe law as the body of official rules and regulations, generally found in constitutions, legislation, judicial opinions, and the like, that is used to govern a society and to control the behaviour of its members, so Law is a formal mechanism of social control. Legal systems are particular ways of establishing and maintaining social order.
Almost everything we do has a set of rules. There are rules for games, for social clubs, for sports and for the workplace. Rules of morality and custom tell us what we should and should not do.
Rules made by government are called "laws." Laws are meant to control or change our behaviour and, unlike rules of morality, they are enforced by the courts. If you break a law - whether you like that law or not - you may have to pay a fine, pay for the damage you have done, or go to jail.
Even in a well-ordered society, people have disagreements, and conflicts arise; the law provides a way to resolve disputes peacefully. If two people claim the same piece of property, rather than fight they turn to the law and the courts to decide who is the real owner and how the owner's rights are to be protected.
Laws help to ensure a

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