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Effects of Micromanagement

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Effects of Micromanagement in a Work Environment

This paper explores the effects of Micromanagement in a work environment by focusing on a particular situation currently encountered at a work environment. It describes the current situation and the effects caused by Micromanagement and offers some possible solutions to alleviate the problem.

Effects of Micromanagement in a Work Environment

Definition Micromanagement often times carry a negative connotation and is associated with bad management traits. There are countless articles written about proper leadership that vilifies the word and the trait definition of it. White, R. J. (2010) commonly refers to Micromanagement as the control of an enterprise in every particular and to the smallest details, with the effect of obstructing progress and neglecting broader, higher level policy issues. Micromanagers are also often associated with traits that paint them in a negative character such as being control freaks, compulsively obsessed with meaningless details, and deadlines. Furthermore, micromanagement problems are not limited only to the upper echelons of leadership (where it is more apparent) as sometimes even regular employees suffer from it as well with regards to how they manage their time or how they perform their tasks. Insecurity is also a trait that is closely associated with micromanagers. Hernandez, J. S. (2012) argues that a micromanager is typically insecure and will be threatened by an assessment. Weyand, J. (1996) points out, however, that micromanagers do have value. He points out that in organizations where micromanagers reign supreme there is no questions on who is in charge and sometimes micromanagement is better than no management at all.
Typical symptoms exhibited by...

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