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My overall experience at El Paso Museum of Art was better than I expected for the overall visit. First I like the say the security was very nice to welcome me into the museum. The security guard explains the exhibits and I can take pics, but it couldn’t be with a flash. I was very impressed during my visit by so many paintings and sculptures that I would never have even thought I could find stimulating and actually enjoying the amazing collection of oil canvas paintings that had the ability to bring you different styles of art just a dim and well-lit room full of pictures and sculptures, where I could stand for a few minutes feeling where I’m in the different time and place. My first thought about The El Paso art museums is that they're …show more content…
That’s where so much about the European Art could be found through their group of paintings of the people and their close relationship with and the view of the country side and the city which was captured in the paintings. This showed me how important reminiscences of the moment that was captured painted and put into pieces of material of the European culture. While I was there I notice there were groups of students on a field trip going thru the museums and different exhibits. I listen to the teacher talking to students about the different pieces of art on the European section. She was talking the describing all the paintings and I was listening to what she was saying. One particular painting that caught my eye and fell in love with was Bernardo Bellotto‘s painting Entrance to a Palace with Portrait of Voivod. After the class move the next painting. I decided I wanted to do my formal analysis of this …show more content…
In this painting, "naturalism" presents a true-to-life style which involves everyday life at that time period or it could have caption at a certain point of the day. Bernardo Bellotto’s representation or his depiction of landscaping, including the people with the least possible distortion or clarification. In this painting the lines are connected to vertical conducting lines along the side of the pillars and on the palace, across which were placed a series of similar horizontal lines in such a manner that all the vertical and horizontal lines could be connected to points of the painting to give it a three dimensional feel, but not so flat. There are some organic shape such as the people, the dog and statue in front of the palace as well on top of the palace. The geometric shapes are the windows in the painting that are triangles. Those are few of things I have notice in the painting far as organic and geometric

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