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The disadvantages Elaine faces are her husband can possibly lose his job because of his commissions slipping. This can jeopardize their Childs education, the can lose their home, and Elaine can possibly lose commission on a big loan because of a of her decision not to grant a loan that is an investment of 10 billion dollars over a period of years. The advantage Elaine has is to go along with all of the loans and she will make a great commission and if her husband does lose his job she will be able to hold the family together financially for a long period of time.
2. What are the ethical and legal considerations facing Elaine, dennis, and UBC? Ethically Elaine is facing making a decision on something that is morally wrong to her and right to the company. The company feels her moral outrage is negatively impacting the company from profiting. Legally Elaine may face charges if she go along with a investment that can make the company money but will soon come back on the company and she will be held responsible and can later get fired.
3. Discuss the moral Philosophies that may be relevant to this situation. The Moral Philosophy that may be relevant to this situation is the Utilitarian. The Utilitarian believes the decisions that are made result in the best action made. In Elaine’s case feels company will gain a lot if she decides to go will a billion dollar investment, because it can benefit a lot of people. The other Moral Philosophy would be Deontology. Deontology focuses on the right thing to do, and in Elaines case she does not think it’s a good idea to give loans to certain companies because of the products they promote and who they promote too. Elaine think in the long run the company can still be profitable but just not to those companies.
4. Discuss the implications of each decision that Elaine could make. If Elaine decides to not go with the loan she...

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