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Ember, a 22 year old with burnt orange eyes and long brown hair held up in a pony tail, combs over the sand with a metal detector and shuffles around to the music playing from a radio off screen. The sand covered radio is sitting on the pulled down tailgate of a Grey Ford Ranger coated with even more sand.
And that was Bustin Jiebers new hit song Condolences. Before we go to commercial break I would just like to give a friendly reminder to keep an eye on the sky this week for the annual meteor shower. If you missed last nights sky show, no need to wory because it will be going on all week..
Ember clicks off the radio and plops down onto the bed of the truck. She wipes the sweat from her forehead and take a swig of water from the cantine sitting behind the radio.
Ember lays down in the truck and stares into the cloudless blue sky. She notices a small red dot int he sea of blue and squints to try and get a clearer look at what it is. The dot seems to be getting bigger ever so slightly and then her eyes begin to widen. The dot was actually something hurteling down from the sky.
Ember jerks back up to her feet and starts sprinting with her metal detector away from the car as the object crashes down into her truck right were she was lying.
My truck!
Ember tries to walk closer but a small explosion fromt he crash erupts and nocks her to the ground as she covers her face from the heat of the fire and bright light.
A crackling can be heard amongst the flames but it is not the sound of fire but the sound of the flames, ground, and truck starting to crystalize.

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