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Emerging from the Frontier

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Summary of the Case:

According to the article we are able to know that the year of 2013 is the turning point for South Africa because of their economic growth. They believe that 2013 is the year of continent becomes a destination of choice for global choice. We have come to know that South Africa’s economies grown very strongly. On the other hand sub-Saharan economies such as Nigeria, Ethiopia, Angola, Ghana, Cote d’ivoire, Kenya, Uganda; while countries of developing world facing economic uncertainty.The economic growth of South Africa is not only by its wealth of natural resources but also by its investments in agriculture and manufacturing. There are lots of opportunities for private sectors now in Africa. As because of Asia’s economies growth is slow and their labor wages rise therefore Africa will become the next preferred destination for labours intensive manufacturing of products such as garments sector. They are attracted by people for their low-cost and light manufacturing though it’s still important to need to work on their humanitarian interventions. Africa will emerge in a respected member of global community in few years. Their new mission will be how to do the work in development aid to attract more private sectors. Suddenly, Africa’s economies changed for their three reasons. First of all, global uncertainty continues to be the norm in 2013, trade and investment flows between Africa and BRIC (BRAZIL, RUSSIA, INDIA, and CHINA). The second reason is Africa promotes stronger economic ties at home (AFRICA). And the third aspect is Africa's economic transition is continuing struggle with weak transition and weak governance.

Identification of the Problem:

As organizations seek to maintain or gain competitive advantage they are drawn towards new fertile markets. Here South Africa also emerged economy for their better opportunities. The importance...

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